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Behind The Scenes Reecode

Part 3 of the serie

Reecode, is the second artist who is giving the show it’s special atmosphere with his live music every night. The Berlin music producer and singer moves between classical film scores and dark electronic music and has a lot of fans among the DUMMY lab guests. Reecode is founder of the reesistance label and film composer also. He was composing the music for “

”, kind of a documentary about this berlin club legend.


+ What do you like about Berlin?

For giving me the feeling to be at the right place at the right time since almost 30 years.

+ What is your favorite place in Berlin?

Rooftops in the early nineties...but that's long gone.

+ What will you do after DUMMY lab?

A movie score.....working on some physical dance theatre with a choreographer...performing some more dummy shows....working with eike on the next new show concept....playing reecode and birdmilk collective gigs......producing two new acts for reesistance.

Keine Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit.