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Berlin Bloggers Tell Us Their Hidden Gems in Berlin


Berlin Bloggers Tell Us Their Hidden Gems in Berlin

Berlin is a fantastic city to explore and discover new secret places. Being a hub for arts and other cultural activities, Berlin offers everything – from operas, to museums and newer art forms, such as Contemporary Circus. Before you start thinking of circus elephants and clowns now, have a look at the trailer for our current show Crossroads and you’ll see that Contemporary Circus, or sometimes called Cirque Nouveau, is fore mostly shaped by a story which is told by its performers through their acrobatic skills and aesthetic presentation.

We here at the CHAMÄLEON believe that our little Cirque Nouveau theatre is one of the best kept secrets in the capital but we were curious what other Berliners have to say. Below you can read what hidden gems and favourite places our Berlin experts recommend!

Graefestr. 71, Berlin Kreuzberg

“I hate to give this one away, but it's the best undiscovered Italian restaurant in the city. Giulia and Andrea are hyper-talented young cooks from Rome, both in their 20s, who were previously at a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Italy. They opened Brio, their casual Italian tapas ('piattini') restaurant a little more than a year ago. I always run into familiar faces from Berlin's Italian gastronomy world when I go here, and the public is quickly catching on. I love the Roman supplì with a Spritz, the polpo (grilled octopus) is the best in Berlin, and Sunday they do a great brunch all'italiana.”

Recommendation: Joseph Pearson from - @needleberlin

Sensburger Allee 26, Berlin- Westend

“My hidden gem in Berlin is the Café K in the Georg Kolbe museum in Westend. The beautiful museum is hidden in a tiny street not far away from the big Heerstraße, but it feels like miles away! The cafe shares its garden with the museum and is both, in the summer as well as the winter a great place to escape from the big city life and to relax. The menu offers plenty of options, from homemade cakes and coffee to hearty lunches.”

Recommendation: Luisa from - @wednesdaychef

Lenin Statue

Zapf Umzüge, Köpenicker Str. 14, 10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg

“Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, visual memories of old East Berlin have slowly been erased from the cityscape. Street names have changed, memorials have disappeared and those glorious smoke blowing Trabants are barely seen outside of a tour format. But there is one imposing statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin which still remains, albeit somewhat hidden from the public’s eye in the yard of the Zapf removal company in Kreuzberg. The statues grandeur may be somewhat lost due of its location, but you're quite unlikely to find another such statue in this city outside of a museum.”

Recommendation: Liam from  -

Schivelbeiner Str.48, 10439 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

“My hidden gem in Berlin is Die Backanstalt. Christian and Michael, the founders of the Backanstalt, started the shop by baking poppy seed and sesame bread rolls. That was when they acquired a taste for making their own bread rolls and started inventing one delicious creation after the other! Currently, their assortment ranges from macadamia, walnut and pecan bread rolls to almond and pistachio bread rolls and many more. On top of their great taste and their generous share of ingredients, all products are fairly priced and offer a freshness of several days!”

Recommendation: Anne Seubert from - @KeksTester

Brunnenstraße 191, 10119 Berlin

“My favourite shop in Berlin is the design shop s.wert in Brunnenstraße. There you can find many, foremost architecturally inspired love declarations to Berlin, the products ranging from cushions, blankets and curtains to calendars, wrapping paper and much more. This is the souvenir shop for Berlin connoisseurs!”

Recommendation: Ingo Müller from - @designcity 

Richardstr. 100, Neukölln, Alt-Rixdorf

“Rixdorf is magical enough, but stepping into the souterrain dining rooms of Cafe Botanico, past the upright piano and the leg of Parma, and onto the pocket-sized terrace was almost more than I could believe. Much of the menu is cooked from the back garden, and the Sunday tour was just beginning when we had to leave. David's vegetarian breakfast plate was heaped high with braised cavolo nero, sheep's cheeses, al dente legumes, and a half-dozen different herbs; S had a pungent platter of sharp salami and creamy Parma ham. My lunch was the least photogenic and the most thrilling: a spicy stew of chickpeas grounded by broth-plumped fregola and salted with a grating of bottarga. It was a dish that inspired a meditative calm.“

Recommendation: Sylee Gore from - @berlinreified 

Bunker am Gesundbrunnen

„My hidden gem in Berlin is the bunker at the Gesundbrunnen which has been made accessible by the initiative „Berliner Unterwelten“ and partly still showcases interior from before 1945. Here you can experience a real trip back in time to an era which most of us only know from history books. The tours are available in both, English and German. You can find more information at”

Recommendation: Dr. Eva Schweitzer from - @Eva_Berlinica 


We hope you enjoyed our little roundup. What is your hidden gem in Berlin?

*Photo Credit goes to János Korom Dr. for the picture of the Brandenburger Gate in this article. You can find it here.

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