All shows in our venue have been cancelled until further notice.
For one night only, we present the show WILT & shine via live-stream on May 29th.
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Lih-Qun Wong

Behind the scenes

Every night the soundtrack of the show comes to live because of two brilliant artists. She is one of them “to keep an ear on the overall musical journey” that give this show its special vibe: Lih-Qun Wong

She is an artist working with different disciplines with a special interest in connecting contemporary-classical music with the art of movement. Lih has been playing the cello since she was 6 years old and graduated from the Melbourne conservatorium of music. Her heart beats for compositions with different types of musicians, classic, hiphop or elektro.

Lih-Qun Wong wrote two complete original scores for the Parisian contemporary hip-hop dance company


 Together with the artist James Kingsford-Smith she founded BOB COLLECTIVE productions. Their innovative performances have been successfully celebrated at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For the BOB COLLECTIVE productions she composed: "BOB", "In Search of Light" (in collaboration with Quebec singer-songwriter Sarah Toussaint Lévillé) and "Lines" (in collaboration with Australian/Italian producer/composer Jacob Cartwright).

 A few questions about her snew life in Berlin:

+ What do you like about Berlin?

I love that in Berlin you can just be -- whoever or whatever you are! That I can be a mother and a performing artist here with no stress. It's a place where I can dance till 5 am, find the most amazing play parks for my daughter, create new work or have an impromptu photoshoot.  

+ What is your favorite place in Berlin?

Right now my favourite place is by the canal in Kreuzberg. There is a spot that is the perfect meeting point of sunshine, water, grass, the best pizza in Berlin and icecream!


+ What will you do after DUMMY lab?

I have two new creations in the pipeworks with Trafic de Styles (Glace) and RUDDOR Dance (Witness). I'm always super excited to create new soundtracks and find new ways to push myself as a composer and recording artist. And of course to live in other cities. Plan B is to finally make it back to Australia for a summer on the beach with my daughter and writing new music for myself!

But first og all, we will see her on stage nearly every night till august the 9th at DUMMY lab!


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