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Leilani Franco

Behind the scenes

Leilani Franco / Contorsion, Silk

Leilani Franco is a Filipino-Polish-Egyptian-British contortionist from London. Having grown up both in the Philippines and the United States, she came in touch with a variety of sports from an early age, such as ballet, tae kwon do, rhythmic gymnastics and ice skating. At age 16, she joined the Philippine Ballet Theatre as a soloist, and with 19 begann her circus training at the National Circus School of Canada in Montreal. Leilani has worked as a professional circus artist ever since, performing in many circus productions all around the world. Her highlights include the Cirque Eloize productions "Rain" and "iD", „The Box Soho“, „Cafe de Paris and the Sebastiano Toma show "Little Big World". She is happy to be back in Berlin again and is looking forward to experimenting with her mind and body for Dummy Lab 2015.

She is also a triple-record breaking contortionist at the Guiness Book of Records.

+ What else should be mentioned about you?

I am successfully becoming a filmmaker, having graduated from University of Westminster in 2014 with a degree in filmmaking. My first film, "

", which also had Masha and 30 other acrobats in it, has gone to big festivals so far, like London Independent Film Festival and Sunset Film Festival LA. 

I am also helping my parents set up their foundation, Ben Franco Foundation, which is building an orphanage for abused children in the Philippines. I will be in charge of PR and communications long term.

+ What do you like about Berlin?

I like that people have 4 different recycling systems and really care about the planet.

 I like that there are great functioning social health care systems, and that the country really does try to provide for its citizens. I like that Berlin has so many nice themed restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, cinemas.

I like that people can afford the entertainment here.

I like that I can be free to be myself, to dress how I want, to express my views, live the life I want, and people are cool with that.

Berlin is all about living and let live.

I love my international friends, as well as my local German friends who are open to sharing their culture in exchange for wanting to experience the world.

I also like my German boyfriend. He is cute.

+ What is your favorite place in Berlin? 

 My favorite place in Berlin? Kater Blau. I love to party.

+ What will you do after DUMMY lab?

I got into a Masters of International Film Business program with University of Exeter and London Film School for September 2015.

I will continue making performance and filmmaking projects. 

I am also helping with my parents making the orphanage in Tanzania for 2016.


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