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Behind The Scenes Daniele Drobny

Part 4

Daniele alias Dany did recent work on the completely transformed look of “DUMMY lab” and was still working on thousands of details at the same time five minutes before the 1st show. Now she is already on a next job but she still takes care of the “Labsters” from wherever she is.

Dany can process many years of successful international collaborations, as she was responsible for the stage & costume design of several theatre productions as well as for many film sets.  She has gained worldwide recognition for her set design in films such as “Mr. Nobody”, “The Cat’s Meow”, „Goodbye Lenin“ or „Elser“,which was screened at this year’s Berlinale.

Her versatility and boundless creativity also saw her turn to work with Beyoncé.  So it feels twice as good when Dany says: “I really enjoy working with Eike so much and beeing at the CHAMAELEON feels like coming home”.

She has already worked at the CHAMAELEON with Markus Pabst on shows as “Cesar Twins”, “SOAP – The Show” and, of course, “DUMMY”.


What I like about Berlin?

My friends. To do or not to do whatever I want. The bigness. The countless possibilities. Berlin

My favourite place?

I love everything about summer and water.

What I am doing after DUMMY lab?

Design and build escape rooms! I just finished one in Magdeburg: rooms in Indiana Jones style. Cairo at the 1930ies. What a big fun!

Making stage designs for artists, extending the set decoration of „Tortured Mind“, design posters … while I’m waiting for one of the two movies  that I’ve been requested to begin.

No guarantee of completeness.