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Part 6


Florian is the man behind the shadow on the poster of SOAP – one of the most successful shows at the CHAMAELEON. He was originating the famous bathtub stunt together with the directors Markus Pabst from BASE Berlin and Max Rambaek when he was 24 years old. He was already performing at the first time of DUMMY at our theatre and says himself: “The CHAMAELEON is my second Das CHAMÄLEON living room“.

Florian came from Basel to Berlin when he was 15 to get specialized for handstand and acrobatic at the state school for artistic. Since then he was working together with many international prestigious directors and choreographs and was touring around the world with shows like  “SOAP“, „Traces“ or „iD“. One of his so far highlights might be his performance at the New York Broadway Show „Pippin“.

Still he is happy to be back in Berlin for working with Eike von Stuckenbrok for DUMMYlab.

+ How come you worked with Eike and what do you like about Berlin?

„Eike and I are old artists-school friends. During our careers we lost track of each other. It’s great that we work together again. On the other hand I would like to concentrate my working more on Germany and less on the international shows. It feels good to have constantly place to be and Berlin has always been my home. My favorite place in Berlin: my balcony“.

+ What will you be doing after DUMMY lab?

„This is my last week for DUMMY lab. I am going to Prague for performing on stage at the project called

, that Eike is co-directing for. Music is my hobby and together with singer Ena Wild I composed the song „Stumbling” which will be presented at ANALOG. So there are some reasons to be excited about and really looking forward to that project.
Besides I started acting class to expand my horizons as an artist“.

Dear Florian, we are going to miss you! We wish you a lot of fun in Prague and big success whatever you do! Hope to see you next time back at the CHAMAELEON.




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