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Part 7

Christian SKOLUD / Light Design Berlin

Christian is a CHAMAELEON veteran. His uncle was an "old school networker" who was working on a feature about the theater and took him to the theater in 1994. This feature has not been implemented, but since then Christian had worked first as a freelancer for the technology and since 2004 he has been fixed as a lighting technician part of the house.

The Berliner is a passionate light artist who has a studio set up specifically for its "gimmicks with light objects". As LEDs do not yet on everyone's lips were, Christian experimented with light-emitting diodes. The works produced from it were recognized in various exhibitions.


For DUMMY lab he developed a lighting design at the intersection of video and theatrical lighting, which impressively reduces the scenery to the max.

How did the collaboration happen?

"Anke asked me if I would like to do it. As I heard that the light-concept would be more achromatic, that it comes more to light and shadow and a rather gloomy mood ... I liked that because I thought that suits me. Since I've known Markus Pabst of many previous shows, collaboration for me was an easy.”

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