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Behind The Scenes FRIEDER WEISS

Part 8

FRIEDER WEISSInteractive Video Design

Frieder Weiss transformed DUMMY lab with his video art. If the "Behind the Scenes" series would be a newspaper, this would be the special edition.

Impressive acrobatics, enchanting live music - DUMMY lab is a total work of art by a team of various brilliant artists and many of them have already been recognized in the "Behind the Scenes" series. However, there is a special element that gives this show its luster: The interactive video design surprises and fascinates the audience and ensures a wow factor off the viewing habits.

Frieder is an "engineer in the arts". He prefers to work where dance and video art meets. The software he developed creates an exciting interface between these two worlds. His artistic realizations found their way to the international stage and received numerous awards.

+ Guests keep repeatedly asking: How does it work?

The centerpiece of this technology is the infrared camera that recognizes the performer in the dark and passes the image on a computer. With a special software the computer transforms the camera image into abstract graphics and visual effects. These are then projected back onto the stage action congruent and without delay. This creates the impression of interaction: the visual effects react live to the movements on stage. The viewer sees the video effects physically merge with the performer.

It is also important that the infrared camera does not detect the light from the projections themselves. So the software can then accurately filter out the movements of the actors from the video image.

In DUMMY lab each stage setting has its own video effect. This means that the movements will be implemented each time in a different way in images.

 + How long did it take to program the video design for DUMMY and DUMMY lab?
For DUMMY, it took us 6 weeks, DUMMY lab we have set up in 3 weeks. The effort was relatively low compared to the production of "King Kong Live on Stage" in 2013 in Melbourne. That was my largest project on which I worked intensively 4,5 months. But I love to make productions. While working on the computer I get into a "flow". 
+ How did your collaboration with Eike happened?
I know Eike from phase7 - a project of Sven Sören Beyer, in which I participate again and again. There is a kind of spiritual kinship between us: Eike broke off the artist's school as I did with my job as an industrial engineer. Engineer and artist meet in the process; usually the artist has more space to set his objectives of his work as an engineer who works mostly by external specifications. That is the great thing about my current work – it does not need to satisfy any direct benefit. Eike and I have spun around what one could do. The Chameleon I have not known before, as well as I have not known not that kind of shows. DUMMY lab is for me an important step from the technological pioneer- and artistic avant-garde edge of the dance stages towards a broad audience. It's good!   
The video design of DUMMY lab is the result of at least 12 years development in the software and its effects.

1995-2003   Palindrome

first visual experiments with sound

2006-2008  Chunky Move

Glow, Mortal Engine, Dance Performance                               together with: Gideon Obarzanek, Robin Fox, Ben Frost


Music Video

2013  King Kong

Music Theater Produktion
Global Creatures, Sydney/Melbourne

Interaction and Projection Design

Frieder Weiss auf Youtube

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