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Instagram Takeover: Jessica Connell


This week, the CHAMÄLEON Instagram account offers you an especially authentic peek behind the scenes thanks to our first ever Instagram takeover. We invited Jessica Connell (@jessymay01) from the cast of CIRCA’S PEEPSHOW to share her photography with us and give us a tiny glimpse into the everyday life of a circus performer.



Jessica has been working as a theatre photographer for many years and her Instagram feed features beautiful backstage shots from her life on tour with Circa Contemporary Circus. „There is definitely a documentary element to it“, says Jessica. „I love that photography allows me to remember moments more clearly. I have so many photos of wonderful people I’ve met and projects I’ve been involved with over the years.“


Though she has been interested in photography ever since her family gave her a disposable camera for a school trip, Jessica’s passion for photography began on her first international tour with Circa, when she came to Berlin for the season of WUNDERKAMMER at the CHAMÄLEON in 2011! For that trip, Jessica bought her first pro camera and her first shots featured the backstage area of our theatre and the streets of Berlin.



Now that she’s back at the CHAMÄLEON with CIRCA’S PEEPSHOW, Jessica is excited about the opportunity to re-explore Berlin, take snapshots of her colleagues in the theater and share her photos with others. “To me, photography is just this amazing opportunity to show other people my world”, explains Jessica with a smile. “It just so happens that the world of circus is pretty special”.


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