All shows in our venue have been cancelled until further notice. For inquiries, please contact us via email.

What's next?! The all-important question

A quick update

How we would love to have a clear answer to that! But of course this is how things are for everyone these days: Planning is impossible this year, no matter how many scenarios are developed and discussed via ZOOM. Therefore it's all the more important to stay flexible and creative - and to try our best to stay connected despite the distance and take care of each other.

Under such circumstances it is definitely not easy to plan a season, let alone create a new show. Unfortunately, the last few weeks have not brought the turnabout we had hoped for. Our long-awaited reopening in November could not take place and it will probably be a while longer before theaters and cultural institutions are allowed to open their doors. The uncertainty is not easy to bear, we cannot say when exactly we will be able to reopen. We only know one thing: We absolutely want to play as soon as it is possible and safe for everyone involved. Until then, let's focus on what's in our power here and now and do what we always do: find ways to make circus.

Fortunately, the What's Next project team sees things in a similar way. In Finland, director Maksim Komaro has spent the past few weeks looking for funding and filing applications in order to support the production of the show. At the same time, the work on the artistic concept continued and Maksim kept exchanging ideas with his creative team and the artists, who were all in different places around the world. In addition, it was of course crucial to closely observe the developments in Finland, in the hope that it would be possible to start rehearsals in Helsinki in December and to present the first performances there at the end of January. Fortunately, due to the comparatively low number of infections in Finland, it currently looks like rehearsals and performances will be able take place.

For us at the CHAMÄLEON, this means trying to develop a realistic performance schedule. The only thing we can say with certainty is that a season of six months - as is usual with us - will not be possible for now. Instead, we have decided on a shorter season, which should start on April 1, 2021. Nobody can say how the situation will develop in the next few weeks, but a start in April and a shorter season at least feels manageable and realistic.

Until then, we will simply carry on, try to think through as many eventualities as possible and do everything we can to bring this project to life. The longing for a shared evening at the theater grows day by day! When the time comes, it might be all the more fitting to celebrate our reopening with a project like this. Because ultimately it is a show that emerged from the nothing-is-impossible attitude of circus and one that so many people created together, under extraordinary circumstances in an extraordinary time.


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