In order to support artists in their creative work in the long term, we are committed to the establishment of alternative creation structures. Due to the predominantly commercial exploitational structure in New Circus, high production pressure means purely artistically motivated projects often find no space or funding. This leads to a clear imbalance and underrepresentation of German pieces at international festivals and stages. As a private cultural enterprise, we too have only limited funds available to support artistic projects, which is why we generously use our expertise, time and space to support artists in their creative work.

On an international level, we are part of the working group “MICC Commissioning Circus”, which emerged as part of the 2020 MICC Festival Montréal. Our Artistic Director Anke Politz co-founded the working group with Ruth Wikler, Program Director of La Tohu, Montreal, and Jedediah Wheeler, Director of Arts and Cultural Programming at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA. Commissioning Circus has since evolved into a wide-ranging alliance of diverse international organizers and producers working together to spark new creations. For the first time, pre-selected creatives were invited to develop new ideas into concepts and to present them to the group in exchange for an expense allowance. This initiates an open production path in which competencies and resources are bundled on an international level to support the individual projects. It is the first network of this kind in the field of contemporary circus and the first initiative to remunerate an artistic idea.