Overview of Residency Programs

The Chamäleon offers various residency options in its rehearsal space The Cave in order to support the development of new contemporary circus works by both Berlin based and international artists. We see the residency program as an essential part of our commitment to the further development of contemporary circus and to the wider Berlin arts community.

In 2023, we offer four different residency opportunities:

Chamäleon Residency

The Chamäleon Supported Residency is a four week residency in the Cave designed to support the creative development of a new work. The residency includes dramaturgical and technical support from the Chamäleon staff and will culminate in a work in progress showing either in the Cave or on the Chamäleon stage. The residency takes place in the second half of 2023 and is selected by application from an open call. You can apply to our current call for applications here until June 13, 2023.


The German-Finnish Circus Residency

In 2023 the Chamäleon is partnering with the Goethe Institut Germany and Helsinki, the Finland Insitute, CircusDance Info Finland, and BUZZ (Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V.) to host a research and residency program in Germany for a Finnish Circus maker. The six week residency will include several stations throughout Germany and culminate in a two week period at the Chamäleon working in the Cave. The residency includes professional networking opportunities, dramaturgical support and research time. It is open to Finnish circus makers from any on or offstage discipline. Our 2023 Resident is Vilhelmiina Sinervo.


Zirkus On

The Chamäleon is part of Zirkus ON, a broad-based creative alliance that brings together artists from the contemporary circus world and comprehensively and sustainably supports the development of their own pieces. The Chamäleon hosts two Zirkus ON residencies every year that are selected through an open call.


MICC Working Group –
The Utopians

The Chamäleon is part of and co-leads The Utopians (formerly Working Group on Circus Commissioning), a group hosted by the MICC Conference (International Market for Contemporary Circus). This group of leading contemporary circus producers meets regularly to foster innovation and creation of new contemporary circus work through targeted mentoring and coaching, expanding access through creative residencies. A recent example of a work developed through this program is Julieta by Gabriela Muñoz.


Other Pathways

The Chamäleon also makes the Cave accessible to local artists as a rehearsal or development space at a subsidised rate through the Kultur Räume initiative, and to selected artists from outside of Berlin for a matched rate.