Why now?

In a week during which parts of Germany have declared each other risk areas, Berlin is closed from 11 p.m. onward, and panic and incomprehension are rife, we have been planning the reopening of our theatre in November. We have tried to make travel predictions, calculate test capacities, rustle up ticket sales - and not lose our calm. Each of us wants to act responsibly and improve the situation, because we all long for normalcy in the midst of uncertainty.

And this is precisely what we want to do with the PLAY series - we will embrace a new theatre reality that is better than none at all. Without art and culture, our society will not be able to face these challenges with humility and unity. The last few months have demonstrated this. We need shared moments that bring us together and give us strength. And like other stages, we will do everything we can to ensure that this can take place safely and peacefully.

PLAY is also synonymous with the joy with which we have created this program. It is a powerful and contemporary homage to circus and a series of guest performances that would have been unthinkable at the CHAMÄLEON before. Young, up-and-coming companies from Germany, cool insider tips, and renowned award winners from the last festival year perform in the span of two months. The scheduled pieces represent a wonderful collection of different circus styles, are all outstanding creations, and a unique opportunity to travel the world of New Circus without a moment's stress.

So let's do something good together, let's come together for a few minutes of theatre in our minds & hearts and press the PLAY - with strength and confidence. You can find an overview of our performance schedule here.

No guarantee of completeness.