8 Songs

A tribute to rock'n'roll!

Season: 11. – 14. November 2019

Put on your leather jacket, grab your air guitar and follow Gandini Juggling on a walk through the Rock ’n’ Roll hall of fame!


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Stunning juggling performances are woven into a series of choreographed vignettes that form a striking unity with the selected pieces of music – from Bob Dylan to Velvet Underground, David Bowie or the rocking, joyful anthems of the Rolling Stones.

In 8 Songs, London company Gandini Juggling stages juggling as a raw, powerful piece of contemporary circus - sexy, surreal and skillful at once. The show grows crescendo-like through masterful solos and duets to a powerful finale with the full six-member ensemble. Each song conjures up a special atmosphere and takes us into its own little microcosm, as raw and elating as rock'n'roll itself. Don’t be surprised if you leave the theatre with a bit more "Sympathy for the Devil" at the end of the day.

Language Note: In addition to the non-verbal artistic performances, the show contains English spoken word scenes.

8 SONGS is a production by Gandini Juggling

Commissioned by: Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival.

Directed by: Sean Gandini
Assistent director: Kati Yla-Hokkala

Performers: Christopher Patfield, Francesca Mari, Frederike Gerstner, Tedros Girmaye, Josè Triguero, Lynn Scott

In the Press

A homage to the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground, Bowie and others that explores transgression, the soundtracks of our lives and how hard it is sometimes to keep all balls spinning to beat."
Lyn Gardner / The Guardian

"A really georgeous show - it is fun, it is sexy, it is inventive."
Exeunt Magazine

"The simplest of juggling moves.... is enough to render the routine unforgettable."
The Scotsman

"The entire show was phenomenal. In every act the symmetry was beautiful... To sum it all up in one word - fascinating."
No guarantee of completeness.