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  • 20. & 27. 11. & 04.12.2017

    Pss Pss

    20. & 27. 11. & 04.12.2017

    Inspired by the era of silent films, Swiss duo Compagnia Baccalà present „Pss Pss“, an enthralling physical performance blending contemporary clown with theatre and circus.

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  • 11.12.2017



    Zeitgenössischer Zirkus mit spannenden inklusiven Tandems und einer geballten Portion Liebe und Leidenschaft aus 20 Jahren gemeinsamem Zirkusleben. Eine andere Art von Schönheit: einfach einzigARTig! Die Erlöse des Abends kommen dem Verein zugute.

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  • 15.01.2018



    Auch in diesem Jahr gehört einer unserer „Meets“ Abende ganz den jungen, aufstrebenden Zirkustalenten der Staatlichen Artistenschule Berlin. Schülerinnen und Schüler aus dem achten Ausbildungsjahr der Fachrichtung Artistik der Staatlichen Ballettschule Berlin und Schule für Artistikzeigen, was in Ihnen steckt und präsentieren im Januar 2018 ihre erste eigene Show!

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  • 25.02. - 20.08.2017


    25.02. - 20.08.2017

    With our new season we show you that New Circus in general and the CHAMÄLEON in particular is always different and never predictable. The charismatic acrobats and musicians of Australian circus company Company 2 will come to Berlin for the very first time and will present SCOTCH & SODA: a whiskey-soaked evening of circus and jazz that will leave you amazed, amused and ready to join the party!

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  • 03.09.2016 - 19.02.2017


    03.09.2016 - 19.02.2017

    UNDERART celebrates a love of life and of the stage in an “Ode to a Crash Landing”, exploring the forces that put us back on our feet again after a fall. Ripple and Murmur conjure up a magical context for the unique acrobatics of the magnificent ensemble with their live musical compositions. Together they create an evening full of excitement, devotion and joy.

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  • 12.12.2016



    Mit ZU.HAUSE erwartet Sie eine funkelnde und überraschend neue Gala-Show. Präsentiert vom großartigen Circus Sonnenstich, durcheinander gewirbelt von RAZZZ, den Beatbox-Meistern, zentriert durch exklusive Gäste wie Romy Seibt (Aerial), Johannes Dudek (Diabolo), Tjorm Palmer (Akrobatik) und beflügelt durch eine artistisch-musikalische Begegnung mit einem wunderbaren Überraschungsgast.

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  • 27.02.2016 - 28.08.2016


    27.02.2016 - 28.08.2016

    For the first time in the history of the Chamäleon Theater, it is our great pleasure to welcome Czech company Cirk La Putyka to Berlin.

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  • 20.06.2016

    SWITCH. auss welt innen


    Elements of circus, dance, theatre and specially composed music tell a story about the artists of the Circus Sonnenstich.

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  • 2015-2016



    Sexy, funny and explosive, Circa returns with a a new twist in their breathless cocktail of new circus, cabaret and vaudeville, WUNDERKAMMER. Control and abandon, skill and humour, lyricism and anarchy all meld into a sinuous fugue of profound beauty.

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  • 2007-2008 / 2009-2010 / 2011

    SOAP the Show

    2007-2008 / 2009-2010 / 2011

    With the creation of this show back in 2007, the Directors Markus Pabst and Maximilian Rambaek turned the bathroom into a stage and achieved a feat once considered impossible - they combined acrobatics and bathtubs.

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  • 2012



    LEO is a surprising and witty one-man piece that defies the laws of gravity. Thanks to a ground-breaking stage concept and ingenious video projections.

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  • 2012

    MR. BUNK


    MR BUNK - The puppet show genius and all-round eccentric who tells magical stories made out of light and shadows, while a talented trio provides the live accompanying music.

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  • 2009-2011



    ... ...

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  • 2008-2009



    myLIFE - A show as overwhelming, intense, and unpredictable as life itself.

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  • 2010-2011



    "VERSUS" tells the tale of two antagonistic worlds that gradually meet and eventually merge into a new universe.

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  • 2011-2012



    "Wunderkammer" debuted in Brisbane, Australia in September 2010 and received rave reviews from the press: "Fantastic entertainment: shocking at times, thrilling, sexy, beautiful, moving and captivating throughout", wrote "", for example.

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  • 2005-2006 / 2012-2013


    2005-2006 / 2012-2013

    Get ready for several artistic surprises and a great deal of humour, as the highly entertaining show from the Canadian company "the 7 fingers" provides it all.

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  • 2013



    A new generation of artists is coming to the stage to fuse man and puppet together, creating a fascinating entity in a terrific, technically innovative treat for the senses: DUMMY!

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  • 2013-2014



    Daring, humorous and breathtaking – BEYOND tells a fantastic tale of human nature that will make you laugh and leave you in awe. The C!RCA ensemble takes great pride in showcasing outstanding and alluring performances.

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  • 2014



    The young, cool artists from Canada perform a new style of artistic & breathtaking acrobatics with unbelievable speed, rhythm and technical ease. Come and experience an exciting evening and totally FLiP-out!

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  • 2014 - 2015


    2014 - 2015

    This spectacular show sees circus, song and dance clashing into one another, only to dissolve the boundaries between body and instrument, between movement and music.

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  • 2014 - 2015

    DUMMY lab

    2014 - 2015

    DUMMY lab, the creative, ever-changing, dynamic work of art by edgy director Eike von Stuckenbrok and directing pro Markus Pabst.

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