Season: February – July 2013

A new generation of artists is coming to the stage to fuse man and puppet together, creating a fascinating entity in a terrific, technically innovative treat for the senses: DUMMY!

The idea was first conceived by 24 year old director and artist extraordinaire, Eike von Stuckenbrok, in collaboration with the stage visionary, Markus Pabst (“SOAP – The Show”). They have created an entire world of their own: it is emotive, enthralling, and accompanied by a soundtrack composed by the artists themselves, with music ranging from electro to classical.

Sublime body-art is presented on a tilting stage in an impressive dialogue with interactive video projections by light magician, Frieder Weiss, whose futuristic visual installations have amazed audiences worldwide, and have also embellished videos for Kylie Minogue.

The beautiful, bizarre and tremendous images will be created in real-time by a combination of man and technology.

DUMMY leads its audience to a completely new dimension!

Conceived and directed by:

Markus Pabst and Eike von Stuckenbrok

A Base Berlin and GOP Variety Theatre production

No guarantee of completeness.