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Analog supported by Cirk La Putyka

Season: February – August 2018

Eight friends, all top-class acrobats and musicians, come together to live the moment and to celebrate being together. Accompanied by the unique voice of Ena Wild, they let their crazy ideas run wild and rush from one grand finale to the next.


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With an original aesthetic, unconventional attitude and an incredibly likeable ensemble, FINALE exudes an energy that is hard to resist. During the show, the artists don’t embody fictional characters, but always stay themselves. Inspired by the underground music scene, daring film stunts, and traditional circus tricks, the artists combine acrobatics with music and dance to create an impressive show seen through a haze of confetti, smoke and pulsing lights. FINALE is wild, good-humoured and genuine. The spirit of the show maintains that the audience can feel as a crucial part, because their reactions will drive the artists to ever more incredible performances. So, the show becomes a stirring, shared circus experience that ends with a drink under the disco ball after the bows when the night transitions from show to party.


Bertan Canbeldek, FINALE

Bertan Canbeldek Juggling, Dance, Acrobatics

Bertan Canbeldek grew up in the district Kreuzberg in Berlin. At the age of seven, his sister took him to the Berlin children's circus Cabuwazi where Bertan was to immediately discover his love of artistry and the stage. Over the years Bertan learned various circus disciplines at Cabuwazi and then finally decided to continue his training at the State School for Acrobatic Arts in Berlin. He graduated with top marks in 2010 and has since become a fixed part of the international circus scene. And so Bertan has performed on the big variety show stages in Germany, including those of the GOP Theatres, the Wintergarten Berlin, and the Friedrichsbau Stuttgart. He has also toured in Germany, the Netherlands, and Budapest with "SOAP the Show" and in 2014 he was awarded the culture prize for "Best Newcomer Artist" by the B.Z. What Bertan loves most about circus? Everyone is welcome. Circus connects people with each other, no matter where they are from or what language they may speak.

Ole Lehmkuhl, FINALE

Ole Lehmkuhl Cyr Wheel, Acrobatics

Ole Lehmkuhl was born in Oldenburg and grew up in the small town of Edewecht. When he was ten years old, his father taught him how to juggle with three balls - and from then on Ole could be found in his parent's yard every summer, becoming ever more skilled at juggling and even trying out one or two acrobatic tricks. Once he graduated high school, his circus career really took off after he encountered artists from the Dream State Circus on a trip to Australia. The performers quickly helped him realize that life as a circus artists must not necessarily remain a mere dream. Thus Ole joined the company on a tour of Canada. Back in Europe, he began a four-year course in circus arts at the "Codarts" University for the Arts in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He graduated in 2017. For Ole, circus means freedom and openness, because working in circus usually also means travelling the world. And each show is so different that every day brings new, exciting challenges.

Kami-Lynne de Bruin, FINALE

Kami-Lynne de Bruin Aerial Hoop

Originally from Sliedrecht, The Netherlands, Kami-Lynne began her performing career in rhythmic gymnastics, which she trained and competed in for ten years. After completing two bachelor degrees in primary teaching and social work, Kami-Lynne discovered her passion for circus and began studying aerial acrobatics and contortion. In 2013, she studied Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop under Evgeniya Kalugina in Rotterdam. Kami-Lynne has performed in a number of projects ever since, including “Innenschau” by the Jakob Ahlbom Company, “Dralion” by Cirque du Soleil or large-scale event productions with 45 Degrees, C2 or the Ulrike Quade Company. She especially loves the freedom circus gives her and that she’s never quite sure where she might end up in the world the next time.

Richie Maguire, FINALE

Richie Maguire Comedy, Acrobatics

Richie Maguire originally comes from New Rochelle, New York and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, Richie was so full of energy that his mother signed him up for a local gymnastics club along with his sister. Richie showed so much talent for gymnastics, that he left his parent's home at the age of 13 to accept an invitation to train at the renowned International Gymnastics School in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. After graduating, Richie received a full scholarship to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, where he participated in a number of competitions while completing his degree in marketing. Richie ended his gymnastics career in 2004 to dedicate himself fully to performance. Answering a world-wide casting call by directer Franco Dragone for his first production outside of Cirque du Soleil, Richie became part of the original ensemble of "Le Rêve". Following this he went on world tour with the show "iD" by Cirque Éloize and spent two years on Broadway in New York in the award-winning production of "Pippin".

Rémi Martin, FINALE

Rémi Martin Chinese Pole

Rémi Martin grew up in Bad Nauheim in Hesse, Germany. Already at the age of eight, the German-Frenchman performed there at the theatre Alte Feuerwache (TAF) and so discovered his love for the stage. Rémi began his circus education at the age of 21 at the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin. Since graduating in 2008, Rémi has been an internationally sought-after acrobat and at home on the big stages of the world. He has been awarded several international prizes, such as the bronze medal of the Cirque de Demain in Paris, and in 2014, he won the French TV show "Beat the Best". In the course of his career Rémi has performed in numerous productions, such as DUMMY, Urbanatix or Limbo and was part of the original ensemble of FINALE. For several years, Rémi has also been supporting various show productions as a director and creative contributer. In 2016, he created his own physical theater piece "LIAR - Life is a rehearsal", which he directed, produced and starred in. What drives him is his passion for the stage, because he loves being able to expressing himself freely and making people laugh.


Lukas Thielecke, FINALE

Lukas Thielecke Drums, Composition

Lukas Thielecke is from Bielefeld and began playing the drums at the age of nine. He graduated from the Mainz School of Music with a degree in Drums in 2016. Lukas has since been part of a number of studio productions and tours, and has furthermore worked as a drummer, arranger, or composer for the Wintergarten Berlin, for shows such as "Der helle Wahnsinn", "Seifenoper", and "Like Berlin". In working with circus artists, Lukas particularly appreciates the challenge in the interplay between music and movement, as everything happens in the "now" - the actual moment of performance.

Ena Wild, FINALE

Ena Wild Vocal, Composition

Ena Soukou is from Bochum and moved to Berlin after graduating high school to make her mark as a professional singer. From 2009 to 2015 she performed as Ena Wild all over Germany with her band and regularly stood on the stages of Berlin's trendy clubs, such as Berghain Kantine, Wilde Renate, or the Kater Holzig. Ena has long been connected to the circus world and was part of the original ensemble of FINALE, which premiered in Prague in 2014. As one of the composers of the show, Ena is responsible for the unique sound in FINALE. Ena thinks the collaboration with acrobats and performers is very exciting, as she is not simply a lead singer, but can be part of a show experience that was created jointly by individual characters.

Florian Zumkehr, FINALE

Florian Zumkehr Handstand, Hoop Diving, Creative Direction

Florian Zumkehr grew up in Basel, Switzerland, and at the age of 15 moved to Berlin to attend the State School for Acrobatic Arts. Florian and the CHAMÄLEON share a very special history, as his circus career began on the stage of the CHAMÄLEON Theatre over 10 years ago. While still in the final year of his studies, Florian became part of the original ensemble of "SOAP the Show" and performed at the Chamäleon in this production every night while finishing school. What followed his graduation were countless thrilling projects and collaborations with some of the greatest circus companies in the world: Florian worked with 7Fingers, Cirque Éloize, and Cirk La Putyka, among others, and performed in the award-winning musical "Pippin" on Broadway in New York. For Florian circus is about testing limits and rising to highest physical performances possible, without succumbing to a sense of competition – instead for him the focus lies on the fun to be had with friends on stage. He now lives this understanding of circus in his own company Analog and its first production FINALE.

About the Company / Creative Team

Analog was founded 2013 by the Berliner-by-choice Florian Zumkehr and his former partner with the goal do away with artifice. Analog focuses on true relationships, a high technical caliber, and the direct interaction with their audience in order to transmit the passion and fun they have on stage directly to the viewer.

FINALE will be adapted for its season at the CHAMÄLEON in order to best fit the needs of the CHAMÄLEON stage. The revision of the show will happen in Prague in cooperation with the Czech circus rebels of Cirk La Putyka.

Creative Team

Creative Guide: Florian Zumkehr und Rostislav Novák jr.

Costume Design: Kristina Nováková Záveská

Light Design: Ondřej Kyncl

Set Design: Hynek Dřízhal

Set Painter: Lukáš Musil

Music Arrangement and Sound Design: Jindřich Kravařík

Music und Composition: Lukas Thielecke and Ena Soukou

Produktion Management CHAMÄLEON Productions: Ralph Aschhoff, CHAMÄLEON Productions

Produktion Management Analog the Company: Bětka Hocková

Analog is a living construct made possible only by the creative input from all collaborators.

Therefore special thanks to the original cast of the show:

Marie-Pier Campeau, Merlin Ettore, Lena Kilchitskaya, Ethan Law, Remi Martin Lenz, Eike von Stuckenbrok, Vinzenz Wagner

in the Press

“A show bursting with energy”


"Smiles and laughter in the audience which is in awe"
Berliner Zeitung

"A perfect evening with a lot of highlights"
Berliner Morgenpost

“Cheering till the eardrums vibrate. The audience’s reaction is no less intense than the repertoire of the outcasts.”
Junge Welt

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