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Poetic, imaginative, passionate - the Czech circus rebells are back in Berlin!

Season: February – August 2019

With their new piece MEMORIES OF FOOLS the award-winning company Cirk La Putyka from Prague lifts the curtain on their own unique circus theatre. Join the charismatic ensemble of actors, dancers, and acrobats on a fantastic adventure and wild journey to the moon. Imaginative, heart-felt, absolutely crazy, and wonderfully amusing!


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With MEMORIES OF FOOLS the Chamäleon presents a completely different facet of New Circus. The classical disciplines yield to an enchanting story, featuring artistic theatre and slapstick.

The piece is a delightfully colourful tale about taking off and learning how to fly. Various artistic disciplines illustrate the action - juggling, aerial hoop, Cyr Wheel, and teeterboard interspersed with moments of dance and original choreography. But in the end it is the magical, quirky characters at the heart of this production. The nine artists, with their dedication and playfulness, create a charmingly chaotic world reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and make the daring dreams of childhood come true.

Join us for MEMORIES OF FOOLS and step into a tremendous modern fairy tale full of dazzling costumes, original music, and loving attention to detail.



Solenne Baily hand to hand, aerial rope, trapeze, flyer

Solenne Baily has been fascinated with the circus world since she was a child. She started with acrobatics in a small circus school next to Paris at the age of eight. It wasn't long before she decided to turn passion into profession and attended the professional circus school Balthazar in Montpellier, France, where she met Romuald in 2009. Together, they discovered their love for hand to hand acrobatics and eventually moved to Québec City, Canada to continue their training. Her career has allowed her to travel all around the world and perform in different projects with highlights such as her work for Les Productions Haut Vol in North America, for The Fridge Dubai or the Awaji Art Circus (AAC) in Japan. Over the years, Solenne has also taught herself aerial rope and collaborated with different partners in aerial duo acts. Now, Solenne is excited to perform at the CHAMÄLEON and to present her skills to a Berlin audience for the first time.



Michal Boltnar teeterboard, pair acrobatics, gymnastic rings

Michal grew up in a family of professional gymnasts and acrobats in the Vršovice quarter of Prague and began training in gymnastics at the age of five. Michal became a professional gymnast at TJ Dukla Prague at 18 and represented the Czech Republic at European and World Championships. In 2010, he started to perform in contemporary circus when the Artistic Director of Cirk La Putyka, Rostíslav Novák, asked him to join the production Up End Down. Cirk La Putyka has been his home  ensemble ever since, and Michal has performed in ten of their shows up till now, including the Berlin season of ROOTS at the CHAMÄLEON in 2016. During the last few years, Michal also worked as a professional stunt man for the Double Stunt Team and performed in a variety of Czech, European and American film productions. When it comes to circus, Michal especially loves its playfulness and sense of fun.


Vojtěch Fülep acting, clowning, magic, puppetry, straps, flyer, dance

Vojtěch has shown a talent for the modern theatre since his early childhood. He got a place at the prestigious Janacek's Conservatory Ostrava and performed in several musicals with The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. His current assets have been greatly influenced by the choreographer Lenka Vagnerova and his work with her DOT504 Company. Vojtěch met Rostíslav Novák as a student of the Academy of Performing Arts and so had the chance to be a part of Cirk La Putyka from the beginning. By now, Vojtěch has performed in almost all Cirk La Putyka shows and has also performed at the CHAMÄLEON for the 2016 Berlin season of ROOTS. In addition, Vojtěch performs in a variety of other Czech theatres, for example the theatre Husa na Provázku, the Drama Club in Usti u. Elbe. VOSTO5 and the National Theatre in Prague. During the last few years, Vojtěch regularly collaborated with the Finish circus director Maxim Komaro, with whom he created several shows both in Czech Republic and Finland. In 2017, Vojtěch was nominated for the Czech Theatre Award Thalia for his extraordinary performance in the Cirk La Putyka production Batacchio in the category "Ballet, Pantomime".

Šárka Fülep Bočková, MEMORIES OF FOOLS

Šárka Fülep Bočková aerial hoop, straps, silks, dance, flyer

Šárka Bočková started dancing at the dance studio of the Silesian Theatre when she was five years old. Already as a child, she performed in various theatre, ballet and opera productions. At the age of eleven, Šárka was accepted into the dance program of the Janáčkova Conservatory in Ostrava. In 2006, she graduated from the conservatory and was accepted into the dance pedagogy program at the Music Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In 2007, she spent one semester at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon, France. After completing her studies with a masters degree, Šárka worked as a teacher of classical dance at the Prague Conservatory Duncan Centre for two years. In 2012, she joined Cirk La Putyka and the first production she performed in was Slapstick Sonata, directed by the Finnish director Maxim Komaro. With Slapstick Sonata, Šárka has toured around Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Croati, Finland and the USA. Apart from her work with Cirk La Putyka, Šárka is also part of the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE and she is also working as a choreographer and dance supervisor.



Daniel Komarov teeterboard, base, acting

Daniel was born in Liberec, Czech Republic and was raised in Prague. He first became interested in acrobatics at the age of twelve, and soon after started to train on the trampoline and participate in trampoline jumping competitions. After graduating from the Secondary Graphic School, he was accepted at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. In 2009, he joined the cast of the show La Putyka and Cirk La Putyka has been his home ensemble since then. Since 2016, Daniel is also the head of Cirk La Putyka Studio, an educational circus program for children and adults, with which he was directing his very first circus show last year. Daniel has performed at the CHAMÄLEON before in the Cirk La Putyka production ROOTS. Now, he is very much looking forward to living in Berlin again, because he is sure he will find a lot of artistic inspiration here.

Romuald Solesse, MEMORIES OF FOOLS

Romuald Solesse hand to hand, trapeze, magic, clowning, base, catcher

After a peaceful childhood on the island Réunion in the Indian Ocean, Romuald was drawn to the world of performance and he began training magic. In 2008, he founded the company "Hakuna Kadabra", with which he created his first magic shows. Later, Romuald studied at the local conservatory of dramatic arts and joined a company of circus students called "Pailles en feu" as a magician, porter, and juggler. At the age of 21, Romuald continued his studies at the "Balthazar" circus school in Montpellier, France, where he met Solenne. Together, they attended the circus school of Quebec in Canada, where he specialized in clown, hand to hand, and banquine. Romuald has worked in circus productions all over the world and is now looking forward to performing in Berlin for the first time.


Alexandr Volný Cyr wheel, walking globe, straps, dance

Alexandr graduated from the Brno State Conservatory, Czech Republik, and became a member of the Laterna Magika ensemble in 2002, the world renowned nonverbal multimédia stage of the National Theatre in Prague. Alexandr danced at Laterna Magika until 2012, performing both solo roles and group choreographies and additionally worked with the Prague Chamber Ballet from 2009 until 2011. In 2011, he got the offer to join Cirk La Putyka for the productions La Putyka and Up end Down among others. Alexandr has been developing his contemporary circus skills ever since, for example floor acrobatic, straps and cyr wheel. In 2012, he also joined the dance company 420PEOPLE. In 2018, he directed his own contemporary dance show Fillet of Soul, which opened in Prague's independent venue Dup39. Alexandr's artistic performance is playful and courageous, bringing a wide vocabulary of contemporary dance and acrobatics to the stage. 



Jiří Weissmann teeterboard, walking globe, pair acrobatics, dance

Jiří was born in Bohumin, but has lived in Prague for many years. He has been involved in acrobatics and dance since his early childhood and repeatedly reached the winners podium at European and World Championships with the dance companies Radost and Impuls Bohumín. He performed in the black light theatre show Colour Dreams of Dr. Frankenstein, in various musical productions and for the dance company IF from the well-known Czech choreographer Leona Quaša Kvasnicová. Jiří has been an ensemble member of Cirk La Putyka for many years and has performed in variety of shows, i.a. the Berlin season of ROOTS at the CHAMÄLEON in 2016. In addition, Jiří also works as a choreographer, dance and acrobatics supervisor on many productions, e.g. Romeo and Juliet at the theatre Divadlo Disk and Rozprostřeno at the theatre NoD in Prague. Currently, Jiří is also working as an acrobatics and dance teacher at Cirk La Putyka Studio and Dance Perfect Dance studio.

Filip Zahradnický, MEMORIES OF FOOLS

Filip Zahradnický juggling, object manipulation, dance

Filip Zahradnický's journey towards circus started when he was 13 years old and participated in his first juggling classes. Since 2010, he further expanded his studies in juggling, acrobatics and acting at the centre for contemporary circus CIRQUEON in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2014, Filip was accepted to The Academy of Modern Circus (AMoC) in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was able to gain experience and craftsmanship from the finest Scandinavian jugglers and teachers who studied at the prestigious school Jacques Lecoq and others. Since entering the circus field, Filip has worked for several Czech and international projects. He is a member of circus company Cink Cink Cirk, worked with companies such as Tin Can Company, Mime Prague, Magiciens du Monde and performed in many countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Turkey or Latvia among others.

About the company / creative team

Cirk La Putyka is a contemporary circus company established 2009 by the Artistic Director Rostislav Novák and General Manager Vit Novák, both appointed by the company's board. We are trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, theatre, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert and sports. We are striving to create our own specific theatre poetics and find a persective on the genre as a whole. The theme, the story and the message are as important as the professional approach to both - individual theatre genres and circus disciplines for us. In the second year after its foundation, the compnay won the award for Best Czech Production of the Year by the Divadelni Noviny Theatre Magazine for their production LA PUTYKA. The collective of Cirk La Putyka has played over 1350 shows in 21 countries on four continents including China, Australia, USA, Brazil, Finland, France, England, Croatia and Austria. In Germany, Rostislav Novák's works were last presented at Unidram Festival Potsdam and the Originale Festival in Haus der Berliner Festspiele Berlin.


Artistic Direction & Show Direction Rostislav Novák jr.
Stage Design Hynek Dřízhal
Costume Design and Make up Kristina Nováková Záveská
Music Jan Balcar
Light Design Jiří “Zewll“ Maleňák
Photos and Video Jakub Jelen
Graphic Design Martin Sršeň
Outside Eye, Acting Advisor Jiří Kohout
Production Kristýna Milaberská and Vít Novák

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"A loving space adventure for the whole family"
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"colourful, shrill, varied"
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