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Forget everything you believe you know about cabaret and circus!

Season: August 2018 – February 2019

Experience the captivating circus world of CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW! Forget everything you believe you know about peepshows - because precisely these expectations will be played with, broken, and thoroughly debunked in best Circa style. CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW turns everything you thought you knew about cabaret and circus inside out and offers a glimpse into an explosive, extraordinary circus world.


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What do we see? What does it mean to be watched? How does observation change what is observed? Join Circa as they embark on a seductive dance through the hall of mirrors that is your imagination. CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW lurches from the thrillingly acrobatic to the comically playful. Expect teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending, and devilishly precarious aerials.

CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW combines some of the best acrobatic talent on the planet under the direction of circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz to create a playfully exhilarating ride into the beautifully bizarre recesses of your mind. If you loved Circa's cult circus cabaret classics WUNDERKAMMER and BEYOND, get ready of the next level with CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW.

Do not lean back. Do not relax. Become part of a jaw-dropping night at the theatre and see the world from the other side of the curtain.

"The title Peepshow refers to the act of looking. Looking for pleasure, looking partially (peeping, rather than staring) and looking as part of a show. As John Berger said ‘the relation between what we see and what we know is never settled’. So for me Peepshow, while sexy is not a show about sex, it’s a show about the gaze, about how we are distorted by being seen, by knowing we are being seen, by looking and by not seeing. In a way, Peepshow says ‘we are all richer than how we are seen but we are shaped in part by the act of seeing and being seen’." - Yaron Lifschitz

Due to the complex subject matter and the artful staging we recommend the show to children aged 14 or older.

Created by Yaron Lifschitz and Libby McDonnell with the CIRCA Ensemble
Artistic Director Yaron Lifschitz
Technical Director & Light Designer Jason Organ
Associate Director & Costume Designer Libby McDonnell



Ela Bartilomo Dance, Rope and acrobatics

Originally from Brisbane, Ela Bartilomo began her performing career in Circa’s youth troupe Circa Zoo, with a keen interest in the performing arts including  dancing, singing, and playing guitar. Ela studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts, and has performed at a number of events including Brisbane Festival, The Awesome Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Mullum Circus Festival and Breanna’s Make a Wish Foundation Ball. Ela also co-produced and performed in Out of This World Children’s Show, which toured to the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, and was an ensemble member of One Fell Swoop. Ela joined Circa in 2018 and performed in the world premiere season of Circa’s Peepshow.

Jessica Connell, CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW

Jessica Connell Hula-hoops and acrobatics

Jessica Connell completed a Diploma in circus arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts  in Melbourne. Formerly a member of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus specializing in hula-hoops and aerials, Jessica spent five years performing around Australia in a variety of productions. She also contributed to A4’s first production, Downpour in 2009. In 2011 Jessica joined Circa where she was part of an eight-month season of Wunderkammer at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre. She then performed a three-month Australian regional tour of the Helpmann Award-winning show CIRCA. One of her highlights with Circa is creating the world premiering “S” at Brisbane Festival in September 2012, which was her first new creation with the company.


Scott Grove Acrobatics, Base

Scott Grove has been performing professionally as an acrobat since he was 15 years old. He spent 14 years as a performer and co-director of The Leaping Loonies touring Australia, Europe and Asia. He has also performed in the English National Ballet’s Swan Lake and the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony, as well as with Flying Trapeze Australia and the Tom Tom Crew. Scott joined the Circa ensemble in February 2010 and has performed in a variety of Circa’s productions. His highlights thus far are the Circa Festival at Auch, France, the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2010 and 2013 and collaborating with The Debussy Quartet in Opus. Off stage he spends most of his time surfing, playing music and eating large quantities of food.

Nathan Knowles, CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW

Nathan Knowles Hand balancing, contortion

Nathan Knowles had the luck of being introduced to circus at the age of seven when he marched home from school to tell his parents that one day he would leave suburbia behind and maybe never look back. After 10 years of studying acrobatic dance and contortion, Nathan was accepted into Montréal’s renowned National Circus School where he spent four years specialising in hand balancing, contortion and aerial hoop. Nathan joined the Circa ensemble in 2016, touring Mexico, Australia and Europe, and has since participated in the creation of Humans, and One Beautiful Thing.

Gerramy Marsden, CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW

Gerramy Marsden Acrobatics, Base

Gerramy Marsden started his circus training at the age of 14, joining a youth circus based in Queensland. After discovering a natural talent for object manipulation, it was not long before he found himself performing seasoned shows at different venues from The Brisbane Powerhouse to the Adelaide Fringe Festival. He has recently completed a Bachelor of Circus studying at the National Institute of Circus Arts, where he has further advanced his training in the art form of acrobatic basing and Rolla Bolla. Gerramy has been performing with Circa since 2014.

Giulia Scamarcia, CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW

Giulia Scamarcia Contortion handstands and Aerial hoop

Giulia Scamarcia was born in Italy. Unable to stop moving, at the age of six she devoted herself to rhythmic gymnastics, before moving into the world of artistic gymnastics.

Transitioning to the world of circus at 19, Giulia auditioned and was accepted into Circus School Flic in Turin, where she began in the contemporary circus world focusing on aerials including swinging trapeze, lyra and tissu. Giulia is a graduate from the National Circus School in Montreal, studying swinging trapeze and contortion handstands. In her careerm Giulia has had the opportunity to create shows with Roberto Magro, Francesco Sgrò and Raymond Peyramaure, and has performed under direction of Romeo Castellucci.

Giulia joined the Circa ensemble in August 2018.

Billie Wilson-Coffey, CIRCA'S PEEPSHOW

Billie Wilson-Coffey Acrobatics, Tissue

Billie Wilson-Coffey discovered Spaghetti Circus at the age of 11 before moving to Melbourne to study at the National institute of Circus arts in 2007. In her graduating year Billie made her international debut at the 4th World Circus Festival in Moscow. Billie joined Circa as a guest artist in 2011 for the world premiere of Nocturne in South Korea. Whilst working as a guest artist for Circa, Billie continued her solo work performing in cabarets and festivals nation wide. Becoming an ensemble member at Circa in 2014, Billie toured How Like an Angel before an eight month residency at the Chamaleon theatre in Berlin performing Circa’s production of Beyond.

About the company

Circa Contemporary Circus is one of the world's leading performance companies. Since 2004, from its base in Brisbane, Australia, Circa has toured the world - performing in 39 countries to over a million people. Circa's works have been greeted with standing ovations, rave reviews and sold-out houses across six continents.

Circa is at the forefront of the new wave of contemporary Australian circus - pioneering how extreme physicality can create powerful and moving performances. It continues to push the boundaries of the art form, blurring the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus, and is leading the way with a diverse range of thrilling creations that redraw the limits to which circus can aspire" (The Age). Circa's work has won numerous awards, including six Helpmann Awards, Australia's most prestigious honours for live entertainment.

Under the direction of circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, Circa features an ensemble of exceptional, multi-skilled circus artists who have been a regular fixture at leading festivals and venues in New York, London, Berlin and Montreal with seasons at Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Barbican Centre in London, the Sydney Opera House or Les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon. At the CHAMÄLEON, Circa has already performed multiple seasons with WUNDERKAMMER, BEYOND and CROSSROADS.

Circa is committed to fostering the next generation of circus artists and runs a Training Centre from its studio in Brisbane. Circa also runs regular circus programs with communities throughout Queensland and around Australia.

As a champion of live performance, Circa manages arTour and is the Creative Lead for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games arts and cultural program.

In the Press

"Powerful athletics which appears weightless. And which is really sexy. The highest level of physical art"
Berliner Morgenpost / GER

"Aesthetic, athletic, graceful and amazing"
rbb inforadio / GER

Intoxicating... Sublime variety at its finest"
tanz - Zeitschrift für Ballett, Tanz und Performance / GER

"The show is one of the most entertaining, unbelievable things you will ever see"
thereviewshub / UK

"A bold and breath-taking production that grabs you hard and doesn't let go"
Pocketsize Theatre / UK

"The sense of exhilaration they create is hard to describe. It's addictive, and Circa’s sense of when to let you have it is finely tuned"
exeuntmagazine / UK

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