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Discover Cirk La Putyka for the first time at the CHAMÄLEON.

Season: February – August 2016

For the first time in the history of the Chamäleon Theater, it is our great pleasure to welcome Czech company Cirk La Putyka to Berlin.


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For the first time in the history of the CHAMALÄON Theater we welcome the company Cirk La Putyka from Prague. As one of the oldest Czech puppeteer dynasties, the members of Cirk La Putyka live a sincere love for new circus in all its facets. Acrobatics, puppetry, dance and drama meet here at the highest level.

A show to rivet you to your seats: vivid, wild and refreshingly different

Inspired by the director’s family history and the personal roots of the artist, the show ROOTS invites you to a thrilling and visually stunning circus experience. Together with the eight performers we dive into the imaginative, touching and lovingly chaotic world of Cirk La Putyka. Look forward to a fun journey from the beginnings of the circus with oddball characters and dazzling costumes, to powerful artistry, dynamic choreography and a stirring soundtrack of New Circus. A world on stage has been created with infinite attention to detail, which has a few surprises awaiting the audience; palpitations and goosebumps are guaranteed.

Enjoy with us the wonderful aesthetics and sincere enthusiasm of Cirk La Putyka!

“Each of us comes from a different piece of this earth. We have different experiences and a different story, but we are all connected through the circus; by virtuosity, adrenaline, poetry, by our laughter, our tears, through passion, enthusiasm and euphoria. That is what we want to share with you.”
Director Rostislav Novak.


Lisa Matilda Angberg, ROOTS

Lisa Matilda Angberg handstand, contortion

Lisa Angberg, born and raised in the deep forests of Sweden, educated for three years at DOCH in Stockholm. Her main discipline is handbalancing, because it can be comforting to just stare at the floor sometimes. She is also a soft and explosive floor and aerial acrobat. Since the age of 12 she has been addicted to the fun but hard life that circus offers and has been performing circus around the world in countries such as North Korea, Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Egypt etc. Lisa is a brave artist that lives day by day but is always longing for the future and she is looking forward to discover what life will bring her in Berlin.


Michal Boltnar, ROOTS

Michal Boltnar teeterboard, pair acrobatics, parallel bars

Michael grew up in the Vršovice quarter of Prague. He grew up in a family of professional gymnasts and acrobats and he began sports gymnastics at the age of five. He became a professional sports gymnast at TJ Dukla Prague at 18. He represented the Czech Republic at European and World Championships. He started to perform in contemporary circus in 2010 when he was asked by Rostislav Novák, Principal and Artistic Director of Cirk La Putyka, to co-operate in the performance Up End Down. Since then, Cirk La Putyka has been his home ensemble, and he has performed in six Cirk La Putyka shows. He loves the playfulness, amusement and fun of circus.


Vojtěch Fülep, ROOTS

Vojtěch Fülep acting, puppetery, flyer, dance

Vojtěch has shown a talent for the modern theatre since his early childhood. He got a place at the prestigious Janacek’s Conservatory Ostrava and performed in several musicals with The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. His current assets have been greatly influenced by the choreographer, Lenka Vagnerova and his work with her DOT504 Company. He met Rostislav Novak as a student of the Academy of Performing Arts. So he had the chance to participate from the beginning of Cirk La Putyka and has performed in almost all the Cirk La Putyka shows. In addition to this, Vojtěch performs in other Czech theatres, e.g. Husa na Provázku, the Drama Club in Usti u. Elbe., VOSTO5 and the National Theatre.


Jiří Kohout, ROOTS

Jiří Kohout acting, puppetry, base

Jiří was born and grew up in Prague, where he studied puppetry and alternative theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts. After graduation, he had the chance to work in best puppet theatre in Czech Republic, Theatre Drak from Hradec Králové. Jiří has been working with Cirk La Putyka since its inception. During his eventful artistic life, he performed in Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherland, England, Brazil, Australia, China and Jičín, but never in Germany! Since his first visit, he has been charmed by the beauty of the CHAMÄLEON and he is really looking forward to Berlin.


Daniel Komarov, ROOTS

Daniel Komarov trampoline, teeterboard, base

Daniel was born in Liberec, Czech Republic and was raised in Prague. After his graduation from the Secondary Graphic School, he was accepted at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University. At the age of twelve, he started to feel the desire to learn acrobatics, so he started to train the trampoline and did competitive trampoline jumping. In 2009, he started at the La Putyka show and Cirk La Putyka has been his home ensemble since then. He is looking forward very much to Berlin and he is also looking forward to the biggest change in his life so far: During his stay in Berlin is he expecting the birth of his first child.


Ethan Law, ROOTS

Ethan Law cyr wheel, trampoline, icarian games, base

Ethan is a diverse, multidisciplinary circus and stage artist. Originally from the United States, he began his acrobatic training with gymnastics, trampoline and break-dancing. He went on to graduate from the prestigious National Circus School of Montreal. He has performed all over the world, made various television appearances and worked on some of the best stages in the world. Credits to his name include Cirque de Demain, Palazzo Colombino, Cyclope, Young Stage, GOP Variete, Recircle Collective, The Act and La Putyka. A long-time fan of the Berlin music and arts scene, he is looking forward to finally adding Chamäleon to his C.V.


Jonathan Moss, ROOTS

Jonathan Moss Cyr Wheel

Jo Moss has an innate passion for theatre in all its forms. Leaving for France at 17 he trained full-time in circus and soon started studying at ESAC, the École Superior des Arts de Cirque in Brussels. Highly trained in Acrobatics, dance and theatre, Jo specialises in the cyr wheel and is currently recognised as one of the top cyr wheel artists in the world. His talent has taken him to the Olympic Ceremonies, Franco Dragone, The Box Soho, performing personally for the royal family of the United Arab Emirates in Dubia on numerous occasions and events and shows all over the world.  

Mira Leonard, ROOTS

Mira Leonard double trapeze, icarian games

Mira grew up in an apartment of the only house with a proper façade painting in central Stockholm: a painting of a horse. The circus world charmed her as a ten year old. She was a generally clumsy and scared person, but in the circus space she realised she could make people fly. She could fly! Therefore, she started her circus studies at the Cirkus Cirkör. After graduation, she went to study at the circus department of DOCH, the University of Dance and Circus, in Stockholm. She and her partner, Esmeralda, have taken part in many different performances at events for Cirkör Event in Sweden and abroad during the years of her circus career.

Esmeralda Nikolajeff, ROOTS

Esmeralda Nikolajeff double trapeze, icarian games, flyer

Esmeralda grew up in a small apartment in the middle of Stockholm, with lots of furniture to climb on. When she was two years old, she told her parents that she wanted to become a circus artist and her career in the circus world took root. At the age of fifteen, she started to study circus at Cirkus Cirkör. Later, she continued her studies at DOCH (the University of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm. Her specialty is duo trapeze and she has known her catcher, Mira, for the greater part of her life. They performed their first trapeze act together when she was eight. They have stuck together, sharing caravans, beds and life’s experiences ever since.

Jiří Weissmann, ROOTS

Jiří Weissmann teeterboard, pair acrobatics, dance

Jiří was born in Bohumin, but he has lived in Prague for more than 12 years. He has been involved in acrobatics and dance since his early childhood. He repeatedly reached the winners podium at European and World Championships with the dance companies Radost and Impuls Bohumín. He performed in black light theatre in the show Colour Dreams of Dr. Frankenstein, in different musical productions and in the dance company IF, of the well-known Czech choreographer, Leona Quaša Kvasnicová. He is part of the Cirk La Putyka, where he performs in six different shows. In addition, Jiří also works as a choreographer and dance and acrobatics supervisor on many productions, e.g. Romeo and Juliet (Divadlo Disk) and Rozprostřeno (NoD).


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“Memorable theatre”
The Scotsman

“Visually spectacular and physically astounding.”

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