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Ode to a Crash Landing

Season: September 2016 – February 2017

UNDERART celebrates a love of life and of the stage in an “Ode to a Crash Landing”, exploring the forces that put us back on our feet again after a fall. Ripple and Murmur conjure up a magical context for the unique acrobatics of the magnificent ensemble with their live musical compositions. Together they create an evening full of excitement, devotion and joy.


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UNDERART fuses spectacular acrobatics with intensely beautiful live music. Acrobatic dare-devilry takes a step back in order to create extraordinary encounters between circus, dance and music. Powerful physical movement unites with an irresistible zest for life and leaves room for the unplanned and unpredictable. The result is a unique, surprising mix of artistry that shows how beautifully diverse New Circus can be.

Based on the experiences of the director, the ensemble of five acrobats and two musicians tell stories about taking a fall and getting up again afterwards, blending world-class acrobatics with dry, Scandinavian humour and live musical compositions by the duo Ripple & Murmur. The music of UNDERART is more than a charming accompaniment of acrobatic feats of strength, but rather becomes a central, equal part of the performance. Music and physicality meld into an expressive fusion of intense power and create a uniquely stirring concert experience.

Extraordinary soundscapes
The audience experiences the astounding intensity of immersive sound in this form exclusively on a German stage for the first time. The CHAMÄLEON and UNDERART will be presented by Neumann.Berlin and Sennheiser and equipped with a 3D sound system that will catch even subtle nuances and make them tangible: our guests will not only hear the music, but will also feel that they themselves have become a part of it.

What you can expect
Incredibly beautiful dance choreographies, fantastic juggling and a captivating live soundtrack. Absurd, funny and breath-taking moments – a wonderfully different show.

Seven extraordinary artists, 90 minutes full of gracefulness, devotion and wonderful soundscapes. A wonderous, intimate and sometimes quiet evening. Why? Because it feels good to leave the hectic pace of the everyday behind and treat yourself to something beautiful and life-affirming

Due to the complex subject matter and the artful staging we recommend the show to children aged 12 and older.

Creative Team

Directed and conceived by: Olle Strandberg
Composers: Andreas Tengblad and Anna Ahnlund / Ripple & Murmur
Set and costume design: WiklundWiklund
Lighting design: Antti Helminen
Photographer: Mats Bäcker
Sound Design: Søren Krahl and Ripple & Murmur, creatively supported by Wolfgang Fraissinet

Some of our productions use strobe lighting effects. These may trigger seizures in people with epileptic disorders.


Alexander Dam, UNDERART

Alexander Dam street dance and acrobatics

Alexander Dam was  born in Stockholm, Sweden, and started street dancing when he was 11 years old. He is a member of the street dance group Soul Sweat. In 2012 he won the world’s biggest street dance contest Juste Debout in Paris and became the world champion in street dance, category Locking. Alexander studied contemporary dance at SEAD, the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance,  and has worked with acclaimed choreographers such as Shumpei Nemoto, Fredrik Rydman, Mari Carrasco and Erik Linghede. Alexander has previously collaborated with Olle in the piece Ballroom House. UNDERART marked his first performance with Cirkus Cirkör.

Anna Ahnlund, UNDERART

Anna Ahnlund music, vocals

Anna Ahnlund is a singer, composer and indie label producer from Björnlunda, Sweden. With her music, she searches for a deeper understanding of what the voice is capable of. Anna has been interested in jazz and experimental music since she was a teenager. Nowadays, she is more into pop but the improvisational feeling lingers in her voice. Since 2008, she and Andreas create atmospheric indie pop as the music duo Ripple & Murmur. Anna has also released a solo album on the label and musicians collective Havtorn Records.

Andreas Tengblad, UNDERART

Andreas Tengblad music, vocals

Andreas Tengblad is a composer, freelance musician and multi-instrumentalist from Stockholm, Sweden, whose life has always been surrounded by music. He has collaborated and performed with numerous Swedish bands and composed music for Swedish TV station SVT. Together with Anna Ahnlund, he forms indie-pop duo Ripple & Murmur. Andreas and Olle are connected through a decade long friendship that eventually included their professional lives, too. This resulted in Andreas composing the music for Olle’s previous productions Surface Tension and Undermän.

Christopher Schlunk, UNDERART

Christopher Schlunk pair acrobatics

Christopher Schlunk was born in Tübingen, Germany, and started practicing different circus disciplines as a hobby at the age of 12. In 2007, he began his studies at ACaPA  (Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art)  in Tilburg, Netherlands, from which he graduated together with Iris in 2011. The CHAMÄLEON Theater plays a prominent role in his professional development: Here, he had his first encounter with contemporary circus, when he saw the show TRACES in 2009. He was amazed by the energy of the show and the way the show combined acrobatics with dance. The experience contributed to his decision to become a circus artist himself.


Iris Pelz pair acrobatics

Iris Pelz was born in Kassel, Germany, and began training at a youth circus when she was 17. After graduating high school, Iris attended the circus school Die Etage in Berlin for a year, before transferring  to the ACaPA (Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art)  in Tilburg, Netherlands. This is where she eventually met her partner Christopher. Since graduating from ACaPA together, Christopher and Iris have toured non-stop all over the world, garnering medals at several circus festivals. In 2012 they won the silver medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. They have performed with Cirque Eloize, Circus Monti and La Soirée, among many others and did shows at the Sydney Opera House, the Roundhouse in London and La Tohu in Montreal. Because they have mainly toured outside of their home country so far, they are especially looking forward to meeting the audience at the CHAMÄLEON.

Matias Salmenaho, UNDERART

Matias Salmenaho pair acrobatics, juggling, vocals and accordion

Swedish/Finnish juggler Matias Salmenaho was born in Huddinge, Sweden and grew up in Tampere, Finland. Matias is one of the world's leading jugglers and also an amazing partner acrobat and musician. He began his circus career at the age of eight in Sorin Sirkus. When he was 16 years old, he started studying at Cirkus Cirkör’s Cirkuspiloterna. Matias has worked all over the globe with companies such as The 7 Fingers, Cirque Aïtal or Cirque Alfonse. As the experienced circus traveler he is, Matias has already performed at the CHAMÄLEON in the past. In 2005, he was part of the ensemble  of the show LOFT and in 2008 he performed in MYLIFE, making the CHAMÄLEON to his favorite venue in Berlin. Matias was also part of Olle’s previous production for Cirkus Cirkör, Undermän.

Methinee Wongtrakoon, UNDERART

Methinee Wongtrakoon dance, pair acrobatics, handstands and contortion

Methinee Wongtrakoon was born in Thailand and raised in Sweden, where she started practicing circus at the age of nine. She began her artistic training at Cirkus Cirkör's Cirkuspiloterna in Stockholm. Already at this early stage, she began developing a unique body language consisting of her personal blend of contortion, acrobatics and dance. She  has worked with a number of different circus, dance and theater companies ever since, among others Pantomimteatern, Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theater and the Swiss director's duo Zimmermann & de Perrot. Methinee was the first circus artist to receive Sweden’s prestigious Bernadotte Art Awards. UNDERART is her second Cirkus Cirkör performance. Her first performance was in Havfruen in 2005, a show Olle was also a part of and in which his crash landing occurred.

About the Company

CIRKUS CIRKÖR was founded in 1995 with the vision to change the world through contemporary circus. Today Cirkus Cirkör tours the world with several performances, arranges circus events for companies and organizations, and weekly circus classes for children and youth. Cirkör LAB is a platform for international circus research and development. There is also an internationally renowned secondary school and they have implemented a university level circus education at the Dance and Circus University in Stockholm. Tilde Björfors, the founder and artistic director of Cirkus Cirkör, is one of the world’s few professors of contemporary circus.

The name Cirkör is a play on the French words ’cirque’ and ’coeur’, circus and heart. "Our mission is to make the world and life more aware and alive. We are led by our value words, which are Cocky Commitment, Quality Madness and Collective Individualism."

Since the start more than 2 million people have seen performances by Cirkus Cirkör on stage and in festivals around the world. 400 000 children and youth have trained with us.

In the press

”The result is a beautiful piece of contemporary circus poetry at its best: wistful and comical at the same time. A full body-experience that reaches deep into the heart ...”
Svenska Dagbladet

”Breathtaking circus life” /.../ ”Ripple & Murmur creates a virtual trampoline with their awesome live music”
Göteborgs Posten

”... charm, heart and warmth” /.../”With humour and poetry they talk about the things we all think about – love, loneliness, joy and sorrow .”
SVT Nyheter

"Underart is simply like life itself; surprising, breath-taking, beautiful and fragile."

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