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Live-Stream: WILT and shine - digital world premiere

A solo performance by Florian Zumkehr in Coproduction with ANALOG the Company presented on the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2021

Season: May 2021

Florian Zumkehr's most consistent home is probably the circus. Even though circus is probably inconstancy itself. Circumstances change day by day and yet somehow everything stays the same. A life on the move to inspire others. A home away from home without ever arriving.


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Please note: The performance contains a moderate amount of spoken word in English.

WILT and shine brings the restlessness of a circus artist to the stage. Florian Zumkehr uses elements from acrobatics, dance, music and theater to ask himself and the audience about the meaning of home. He talks in a very personal way about his life on tour, where everything is constantly changing and only circus can be found everywhere - whether on stage or after the performance as a game and pastime and a constant source of inspiration.

WILT and shine is an acrobatic solo performance, staged in collaboration with the Israeli director Shay Govhary and interwoven with a shimmering electroacoustic live soundtrack, produced by Lukas Thielecke.

Shortly before theaters closed in spring 2020, Florian Zumkehr performed a work-in-progress version of the performance in the Pfefferberg Theater. Further creation periods followed in 2021 at the Q Space and PfefferbergTheater in Berlin. In May, the final rehearsals of the piece will take place as part of a residency at the CHAMÄLEON Theater, before WILT and shine celebrates its digital premiere there on May 29, 2021.

Further information:
Duration: ca. 50 min, no intermission
Languages: English
Format: Live-Stream on Vimeo

Following the performance: Live-Talk (in German) "theatre home alone - developments, potentials and limits of digital formats"

We kindly invite you to join us for a talk with the performer and other guests after the performance via zoom. The participation is free of charge. Further information will be included in your ticket reservation. Language: German.

Performer: Florian Zumkehr
Idea: Florian Zumkehr
Director: Shay Govhary
Choreography: Sebastian Zuber, Thomas Steyert
Musical Direction and Composition: Lukas Thielecke
Sound Design and Arrangement: Jindrich Kravarik
Illustration: Ekaterina Koroleva
Stage Design and Prop Construction: Daniele Drobny

WILT and shine was supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

To the Stream

Welcome to the live stream of WILT and shine! The live stream can only be accessed by purchasing a ticket, which you can book online here.

We will start on Saturday at 8pm. Please have your password ready – we will send it to you via e-mail 2 hours before the performance. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

The performance will be streamed live from the CHAMÄLEON via the video platform Vimeo. If you prefer to watch the live stream directly on Vimeo, then simply click on this link.

After the performance there will be an Artist Talk with the performer Florian Zumkehr, the director Shay Govhary and our artistic director Anke Politz. Topic: "Theater at home - developments, potentials and limits of digital offerings". The discussion will be moderated by Cox Ahlers, Artist and 2nd chairwoman of the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus, and will mainly be held in German.

All viewers are cordially invited to follow the talk on Zoom and - if you like - to take part in the exchange yourself. To access the talk, please use this link.

Enjoy your evening!

A short tech note:

The system requirements for Vimeo can be found here.

Depending on the browser settings, the sound may be muted at first and you'll have to actively switch the sound on.

Please note: As we want to enable a live experience, the performance can only be seen during the live broadcast. The link will no longer be available after the performance.

The Artist Talk at the end of the performance will be held via the online meeting portal zoom. We recommend downloading the free zoom app to participate. Otherwise, after setting up a user account, you can also take part in the event via the browser without downloading the app.

About the team

Florian Zumkehr (Performer and Idea) has been a successful touring artist and acrobat for over 12 years. Hisaim has always been to learn new forms of performing arts, whether instreetshows, classical variety acts or ensemble work. He has continued to develop hisstage presence through new acrobatic disciplines, acting and musicalperformances as a way to complement his work as a performer. With the projectWILT and shine, Florian set out to create a solo show that would incorporategenres such as music and theater alongside contemporary circus. The theme ofhome has been with Florian since the age of 15, when he moved from BaseltoBerlin on his own to become an artist at the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin.

Shay Govhary (Director) graduated from the "Shlomi Center for Creativity" in Israelin 2013. From 2013 to 2016 she worked as a producer, artistic director anddirector intheater, art, and music festivals. Shay has been living in Berlinsince 2017 and has directed numerous video and theater projects. Shay Govharyand FlorianZumkehr first collaborated on a music video in May 2020. Workingwith a director who does not come from a contemporary circus background, allowsFlorianZumkehr's personal story to transcend acrobatics to create theatricalmoments that touch the audience.

Sebastian Zuber (Choreographer) was born in 1986 and grew up in Basel. After completing a bachelor'sdegree in law, he studied contemporary dance at the "SalzburgExperimentalAcademy of Dance" and graduated there in 2015. He has been a dancer withthe Johannes Wieland Company since 2016 and has performed inpieces such asMariannengraben, rite of spring, you will never be my number one, stück ohneTitel, and in the revival of you will be removed. As achoreographer andproducer he has brought the world premieres of professional failure, lowball,accalia, and industrial seagrass to the stage. Sebastian Zuberdeveloped hisperforming arts roots in children's circus, alongside Florian Zumkehr. Zuberwas perfectly suited to develop the choreographies, as he also hasa specialapproach to the subject of home - both he and Florian Zumkehr have the sameorigins for their later professional careers in the performing arts.

LukasThielecke (Composer), originally from Bielefeld, has been a fixture in the contemporarycircus scene in Germany for several years, both as a live musician and as amusic producer. Thielecke worked as a drummer, composer, and producer for theproduction "FINALE" by ANALOG the Company. The long-standing andexceptional collaboration between Lukas Thielecke and Florian Zumkehr at ANALOGmade him an ideal choice as musical director and music producer forthis project.

Daniele Drobny (Stage Design and Prop Construction)designs sets for stage as well as for screen productions. She hascreated numerous stage and costume designs, including for venues suchas theCHAMÄLEON Theater Berlin, Wintergarten Varieté Berlin, and GOP, and productionssuch as Dummy, Soap, Ferro City, Kings and Queens and FunkyTown. Thisexperience in stage design for contemporary circus productions, made DanieleDrobny a natural choice to join the team for stage design and propconstructionfor WILT and shine.

Ekaterina Koroleva (Graphic Designer) works as a freelance illustrator in Berlin. Born in Russia, she haslived in Berlin since 1985 and creates illustrations for various agencies,magazines, and international clients. Her works feature sketched, stylizedpencil, watercolor and ink drawings, which she intricately collages withcontrastingcolor areas and shapes.
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