KaraK – Visions – completed

The season of KaraK – Visions has ended.
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Karak - Visions


KaraK stands for the forces and unique characters that are inherent in all people and show themselves on stage with expressiveness, humor, poetry and sensitivity.

In the interplay with numerous guest artists, exciting contrasts and astonishing harmonies emerge. In the contrasts of different bodies, forms of expression and competences, a kaleidoscope of human diversity is created. The thrilling circus show “KaraK – Visions” follows a dynamic choreography from beginning to end, which always leaves room for improvisation and surprising moments. The 90-minute program is a crossover performance with circus (acrobatics, diabolo, rola-bola, ball running, juggling, hoola hoop), dance, theater and live music.

The inclusive Sonnenstich ensemble is making its return to the big stages with the evolution of its 2019 KaraK show, following up on its radiant pre-pandemic gala and taking a big step toward the future in the process.


Additional Information:
approx. 100 min (plus 20 min intermission after 50 min show)
Age Recommendation:
suitable for all ages
No or minimal use of language

Tickets 20 € / with Circus Card 17 €

Circus Card

The Sonnenstich-Ensemble:
Luzian Bücker, Jannic Golm, Hagen Häsler, Florian Klotz, Mario Kraft, Anne-Sophie Mosch, Sascha Perthel, Soledad Rein-Saunders, Friederike Ronacher, Ragna Ronacher, Oskar Schenck, Neo Spohn, Sarah Walther, Christian Wollert, Olivia Wolff

Guest artists and inclusive tandems:
Ariane Oechsner (foot juggling), Toke Reimann (cyr Wheel), Mika (hoop), Vanessa Lee (comedy & hat juggling), Lena Wulf in duo with Soledad Rein-Saunders (partner acrobatics), Rapp à la Papp (beat boxing and presentation: Hagen Häsler und Philipp Meyhöfer). The line-up is still developing and more international surprise guests from the fields of trapeze, diabolo and juggling are being planned.

About the company

Circus Sonnenstich presents its ninth charity gala in aid of the Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V. (ZBK) with the show “Karak – Visions” at the Chamäleon Theater Berlin on January 24 and 25, 2023. The company celebrates on two consecutive evenings with international guest artists a wonderful and unique anniversary: 25 years of inclusive circus!

Founded in 2011, the ZBK – Zentrum für Bewegte Kunst e.V. (“Center for Moving Arts”) and its 50 artists with trisomy 21 stand for internationally successful model projects for circus and movement arts. However, the ZBK is not only an artistic project that has been developing contemporary circus programs and shows for 25 years with Circus Sonnenstich. The ZBK also acts as an internationally oriented educational institution that teaches the IN.ZIRQUE ® didactics nationwide and internationally in its continuing education programs and coaching sessions and develops a training curriculum for people with trisomy 21 and other impairments in a multi-stage process. In this sense, the ZBK lives the motto of Jügen Dusel (Federal Government Commissioner for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities): “Democracy needs inclusion”.

The performance ensemble of Circus Sonnenstich has repeatedly performed successfully on large stages (Chamäleon Theater, Wintergarten, Admiralspalast, Berlin Circus Festival, JAtka78 in Prague), cooperates among others with the Palestinian Circus School in Ramallah, works together with the Bund deutscher Amateurtheater and recently also participated in the opening show of the Special Olympics 2022 in Berlin.

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