How can we be honest with ourselves without hurting those we love?

In Knot, Nikki and JD tell the tale of an impossible choice, finely crafting a portrait of love and the struggles of commitment. Created in collaboration with award-winning choreographer Ben Duke of Lost Dog Dance Company, Knot is a very modern affair told with delicate sensitivity through daring acrobatics and heart wrenching dance.

Knot is a winner of the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus 2019 and Herald Angel Award 2019, and runner up for the prestigious Carol Tambor Best of Fringe Award.

Further informationen:
55 minutes (no intermission)
Language: English
Age recommendation: 7+

Performers: Jean-Daniel Broussé, Nikki Rummer
Directors: Jean-Daniel Broussé, Nikki Rummer, Rosamond Martin
Dramaturg: Ben Duke
Choreography mentor: Ellis Saul
Movement mentors: Pippa Duke, Martin Corri
Lighting designer: William Ingham
Costume designer: Oliver Garcia

Hero Image: Phil Fisk
Photos: Fabio Affuso

Circa's Peepshow

About the company

Jean-Daniel Broussé
(hand-to-hand base and co-founder of Nikki & JD)
Jean Daniel (JD) Broussé studied a BA (Hons) Degree at the National Centre for Circus Arts where he specialised in Icarian Games, Cradle and Hand to Hand. He has over 8 years’ performance experience with companies including Roundhouse Circus Company and Square Peg contemporary circus.

Nikki Rummer
(hand-to-hand flyer and co-founder of Nikki & JD)
Nikki trained for 10 years as an artistic gymnast in Washington State, USA, and has since trained in handbalancing and hand-to-hand at the National Centre for Circus Arts. In addition, she trained the Afro- Brazilian movement art, Capoeira, for 10 years under Brazilian-led schools Raizes de Rua and Cordao de Ouro.

In the Press

Lyn Gardner for Stage Door

This is great work, sophisticated, sexy and yearning

Herald Scotland

Brutally honest and highly personal

The List

Is there a word for the love an audience can feel towards two circus performers? If not, there ought to be