Raven by still hungry

Raven is award-winning contemporary circus in search of liberation from the social pressure of always having to do everything right.

Borrowing from the German term “Rabenmutter” (“Raven mother”, a selfish, neglecting mother) the performers paint a candid picture of complex emotional contradictions. With acrobatics and dance, movement and language, they grapple with the various challenges of their own motherhood. In the process, mistakes are not only made visible, but are also open to hearty laughter.

In 2018, Raven took ist first steps during a residency at Chamäleon and has since played at numerous international festivals to great critical success. For our guest performance series Play, Raven will for the first time perform with a changed cast: Dancer Cristiana Casadio takes over the role of Lena Ries, bringing a new voice and personal story to the world of Raven.

Additional information:
Duration: 60 min (no intermission)
Age recommendation:  8+
Language: German. On Feb 09 additional live-translation in German Sign Language.

Tickets regular 20 € / with Circus Card 17 €

Special Dates:
On February 8,
the performance begins with an introduction to the piece in German in cooperation with Theaterscoutings Berlin.
On February 9,
the performance will take place with a live translation into German Sign Language by Ute-Sybille Schmitz and Erika Müller. The musical sequences of the show will be accompanied by a musical performance by Sophia Mushold.

Circus Card

Co-Authors: Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries, Romy Seibt
Performers: Anke van Engelshoven, Cristiana Casadio (replacing Lena Ries), Romy Seibt
Co-Directed by: Rachel Hameleers
Creative Support: Bryony Kimmings
Producer: Chamaeleon Berlin
Light Design: Dennis Nähr
Costume Design: Odile Hautemulle
Setdesign: Daniele Drobny

About the company

still hungry is a contemporary circus collective from Berlin. The three artists and mothers Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries and Romy Seibt came together after long years of friendship and professional activity to create a piece of innovative circus. Strong images and a good dose of humor make their work a touching and highly amusing experience. Their work is fresh, feminist, strong, and not afraid to explore personal themes not easily found in circus – a genre still strongly associated with entertainment.

Cristiana Casadio has been a friend of the artists of still hungry for many years and closely accompanied the creation of Raven as Outside Eye. As a professional dancer and mother, Cristiana knows all too well the tension of contradictory longings at the center of Raven. For the performance at Chamäleon, still hungry and Cristiana will collaborate to weave the dancer’s personal experiences into the piece, enriching Raven with a captivating new voice.

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