Wes Peden adjusts the lighting on stage, greets the audience, puts on a vinyl record and he’s off.

Elbows become miniature trampolines for juggling balls. Clubs get thrown, twisted and turned into constellations. Extendable arms make an appearance. Rings transform into butterflies as they spiral up and down the performer’s arms and legs.

Wes Peden is a master of object manipulation. His props form ornaments on invisible lines in the air, while his feet take control of the light and sound on stage. Performed with great precision yet very playful: Zebra is a funny, quirky one man show with a punk rock attitude.

Wes Peden is a laureate of the International Juggling Association and the Paris Festival Cirque de Demain. Zebra is a co-production of the renowned London company Gandini Juggling.


Further information:
60 minutes (no intermission)
Language: English
Age recommendation: 8+

About the Artists

Wes Peden
Inspired by sumo wrestling, fast food packaging and the playgrounds of the 1950s, Wes designs shows for space stations and parking lots. He has played in over 25 countries including Japan, Israel, Australia and Iceland. His energetic, complex and playful juggling style has been awarded by the International Juggling Association and the Festival Cirque de Demain. Wes graduated from Dans och Cirkushögskolan with a degree in juggling.

The co-producer: Gandini Juggling
For more than 20 years, Gandini Juggling have been celebrating the art of juggling in all its facets, exploring what juggling is and what it can be. With great creativity and productivity, Gandini Juggling constantly create new stage pieces, the spectrum of which ranges from radical art interpretations and excursions into performance art to dance and theater and show formats.

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Zebra is a compact and extremely quirky one-man show. A showing of incredible skills making an excellent show

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The purity of this juggling, for all the experimentation that brought it here, is magic, and the beauty of it brings a tear to my eye