Runners – completed

The season of Runners has ended.

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Lots of movement, fun and rhythm is promised by company Hippana.Maleta with their piece Runners.

Two jugglers on a treadmill, they run and run and can’t get down, while a musician pushes them through a series of games and experiments. What motivates them? What moves them? In Runners, German circus performer and juggler Jonas Schiffauer and his Irish-born colleague Alex Allison team up with Spanish multi-instrumentalist Moísés Mas García to explore the real and perceived speed of time. In doing so, they address the evolution of the human gait as well as the ability of throwing in an increasingly immobile culture.

Central players in the production are two relentless treadmills, which are conducted by Moísés Mas García like his musical instruments, in order to set in motion and keep going the equally tense and grotesquely funny game between the three protagonists.

Awarded by Zirkus ON 2021

Additional information:
60 min. (no intermission)
Age recommendation: 8+
Language: No or minimal use of language

Tickets regular 20 € / with Circus Card 17 €


Circus Card

Idea, script + performance: Jonas Schiffauer, Alex Allison, Moíses Mas García
Composer + sound arrangement: Moíses Mas García
Outside Eye: Benjamin Richter, Darragh Mc Loughlin, Marie Lena Kaiser
Costume: Liora Epstein
Stage design: Jonas Schiffauer, Alex Allison, Moises Mas García
Technical director: Jan Widmer
Photos by: Bernadette Fink, Alex Allison

About the company

The company Hippana.Maleta formed in 2018 and uses juggling, manipulation and the body as a basis to construct languages in which they can explore aspects of the human condition. Alex Allison (IE), Jonas Schiffauer (DE) and Moíses Más García (ES) explore and share their vision of circus, poetry and performance.

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