What Will Have Been

A rope artist falls, climbs and twists to the exquisite sounds a solo violin.

It is the beginning of an almost chamber play-like performance of three virtuosic Circa performers and a violinist on stage. Together they challenge our perception of what is possible within the human body and draw you deep into a world of physical daring.

What Will Have Been is a hauntingly beautiful display of interlocking bodies and intricate movements, accompanied by a rousing soundtrack of Baroque music and spine-tingling electronica.

Created by Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa ensemble.
Performed as part of “Circa – A Company in Residence”.

Duration: 65 min, no intermission
Age recommendation: 12+
Language: none

Directed by: Yaron Lifschitz
Associate Director Berlin: Geordie Brookman
Technical director and Co-Light design: Jason Organ
Co-Light design: Richard Clarke
Costume design: Libby McDonnell

Photos: Andy Phillipson

Willkommen Zurück

A Company in Residence

Circa Contemporary Circus have been at the vanguard of Australian contemporary circus for two decades. Based in Brisbane, Circa has toured the world with numerous productions since 2004, performing to over one million people in 40 countries. Circa’s multi-layered performances continue to push the boundaries of the art form, blurring the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus. Their work combines extreme physicality and thrilling staging into complex, ever-surprising performances.

One of the most artistically exciting contemporary circus companies in the world, Circa’s work has garnered six Helpmann Awards, Australia’s most prestigious award for live entertainment, amongst many other accolades. They have enjoyed multiple seasons at Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, the Barbican Centre and the Southbank Centre in London, the Sydney Opera House, the Grand Théâtre Luxembourg and Les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon. Circa have been guests at the Chamäleon Berlin on several occasions.

Under the artistic direction of Yaron Lifschitz, Circa is built around an ensemble of exceptional, multi-talented circus artists who constantly challenge traditional practices and approach each performance with force and focus – as if for the first and only time.

As part of the production series “Circa – A Company in Residence”, the Australians are presenting four pieces over a period of four months. This special concept allows us collaborate with the Circa ensemble to adapt and artistically develop four outstanding productions from the Circa repertoire for Chamäleon audiences.


    Hamish McCounty
    Hamish McCourty

    Hamish McCounty
    Hamish McCourty

    Hamish McCourty is an acrobat and musician. He began his circus journey at Cirkidz in Adelaide when he was eight years old and after graduating from the performance program he’s been creating his own work touring nationally and internationally.

    Hamish is currently working on fusing together his passion for music and circus on stage. His main specialties are tumbling and basing pair and group acrobatics and he prides himself on making people laugh and being a loon onstage. Hamish is a keen performer and multi-talented acrobat with his sights set on leaving his mark in the world of circus.

    Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O’Brien

    Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O’Brien

    Daniel O’Brien has been physically active throughout his whole life, primarily focusing on his gymnastics training in his hometown of Maryborough and a few small gyms along the Queensland coastline. After high school, Daniel made a decision to transition from the sport of gymnastics to a possible career in circus performance.

    Daniel decided to move to Melbourne and studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts, specialising in hand-balancing and aerial straps, where he gained his first experiences as a performer.

    He spends his spare time feeding his unhealthy addiction to video games or reading whatever he can get his hands on. After attending NICA for three years, Daniel fostered an immense passion for circus and honed his skills to a level that allowed him to join Circa as an ensemble member in 2015. He has since performed in the many iconic Circa works including What Will Have Been, Closer and Humans.

    Kimberley O'Brien
    Kimberley O’Brien

    Kimberley O'Brien
    Kimberley O’Brien

    Kimberley O’Brien grew up competing in athletics and playing representative AFL. After seeing one of Circa’s shows, Kimberley joined the Circa youth performance troupe Circa Zoo. After two years of training and performing Kimberley was given the opportunity to be the very first member of Fast Track, a program designed for young and aspiring performers within Circa.

    In 2011 Kimberley left Circa Zoo and Fast Track and became a full-time ensemble member. Since then, Kimberley has toured numerous shows in various countries and participated in the creation of many new Circa works. One of her highlights was performing Wunderkammer at the Sydney Opera House.

In the Press

Daily Review, Australien

What Will Have Been is circus at its purest and most thrilling… utterly captivating

The Public Reviews, UK

A work of immense power… masterly re-defining

Norwich Evening News, UK

…as breathtaking as ever… you could have heard a pin drop