All shows have been cancelled until further notice. For inquiries, please contact us via email.

What's next?

Follow us into our virtual creation studio for our show 2021!

Season: Schedule will be announced soon.

We open the doors to our virtual creation studio for our show 2021.Embark with us to new adventures and join us in the making of a new show!


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What happens next?

As many of our guests know, we closed our doors on March 13th. And many of them may wonder when and how we will re-open them. I admit this question occupies our minds constantly and with each passing day and each political decision, new possible scenarios arise. All decisions and planning are significantly influenced by the structural and long-term funding programs in order to preserve our cultural landscape,and what the distance regulations for theatres will ultimately be. At the moment we have answers for neither of these questions and as such we cannot provide you with final programme planning for the year 2020.

But this time has taught us, like many others, to take things one step at a time and to remain hopeful about the future despite all adversity. And our rosy prospects lie in 2021 and in our first collaboration with the Finnish director MaksimKomaro / Circo Aereo. Together, we will brave this crisis that has threatened our very existence – we’re determined to begin this new creative process and celebrate the premiere at the CHAMÄLEON Theater in 2021. Thanks to funding of the project by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, we are able to embark on this journey and look to the future with confidence. Nevertheless, we are still faced with challenges in many respects: limited travel, distancing rules between the artists, restricted access to spaces... how can a performance based on human contact, which can only be produced through joint training and creation, be realized in thesecircumstances? By thinking outside the box.

Because what this time of absolute deadlock and of an inability to act has also taught us, is to be courageous and open for new things. Because frankly - what do we have left to lose? As desperate as this thought may sound, it is also liberating and a motivation to tread new paths.

With this in mind, we invite you to join us on the journey of this new production - from the first creative meeting to the dress rehearsal. We will open the rehearsal room, and let you not only look behind the scenes but also share in our dreams, experiments, inevitable failures, and the magic of a new beginning. The CHAMÄLEON has always been a place that has followed its heart and the artistic visions of its directors. Each season reflects our firm commitment to a theme and to thepeople involved. We jump into the deep end together, determined to open a new and exciting chapter in contemporary circus.

Come take this leap with us, be at our side during this special time, get to know us, and the performers of the show, which currently has neither a title nor a completed script, and let us preserve together what is most valuable in this challenging time - empathy, trust, openness, and solidarity. After all, if we hold onto that - what can go wrong?

Welcome to our virtual creation studio. Enjoy your next CHAMÄLEON adventure!

Anke Politz
Artistic Director CHAMÄLEON Theater & Managing Director CHAMÄLEON Productions

Please note: We will start the pre-sale as soon as we can work with reliable and realistic instructions concerning hygenic and distance rules.

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