Two artists with white made-up heads steer a small puppet in the spotlight of a stage.

The season of WIR WOLLEN NIE NIE NIE has ended.
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Two artists dance synchronously on an illuminated stage under a trapeze.
An artist hangs from a trapeze with his arms outstretched and looks up into the spotlight.
Two artists with heads painted white sit in a box and look into each other's eyes in the spotlight of the stage.
Two artists with white made-up heads steer a small puppet in the spotlight of a stage.
Two artists with white painted heads walk synchronously to the left in the spotlight of a stage.

In episodic snapshots, WIR WOLLEN NIE NIE NIE (engl. “We never never never want”) tells the visually stunning myth of two inseparable bodies, stranded in a cold world.

On the steps of a mysterious staircase that continually opens new spaces for them, the two beings live through a whiplash dream of raw brutality, deep trust and bizarre poetry, constantly fuelled by the fear of cutting the cord to each other. But soon a third person forces his way into the dichotomous togetherness of two. A small stranger in the grotesque world of larger characters, whose vague intentions raise the question of who is manipulating whom. Skilful puppetry, masterful artistry and dance captivate the viewer through these mysterious creatures. This abstract world feels strangely real and familiar, warming and disturbing at the same time. It opens up space for questions about individuality, community or authenticity. Hidden behind the masks of these figures are the puppeteer Jarnoth and the aerialist Moritz Haase. Under the direction of Philipp Boë, they have devised this evocative and ironic spectacle, brought to the stage with great dedication and skill.

As part of our guest performance series Play, we present a young Berlin company that is in the process of developing its very own, innovative stage language. Acrobatics, puppetry, dance and physical theater intertwine to form an aesthetically ambitious composition: experimental, surprising, moving. WIR WOLLEN NIE NIE NIE began in 2019 as part of a short residency in the Chamäleon studio basement and can now be seen on the big stage.

Additional information:
Duration: 70 min (no intermission)
Age recommendation: 12+
Language: No or minimal use of language

Tickets regular 20 € / with Circus Card 17 €

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Director: Philipp Boë
Performance: JARNOTH, Moritz Haase
Music: Thimo Pommerening
Light: Jörn Nettingsmeier, Julia Lochmann
Production Manager: Katja Haase
Choreographic collaboration: Marijke Wagner
Stage, Costume, Doll making: JARNOTH, Moritz Haase
Camera: René Ehrhardt
Special thanks to: Maschinenhaus Essen, Chamäleon Theater Berlin, Circus Schatzinsel
Poster: Constantin Rieß

About the company

Founded by director Philipp Boë, the puppeteer Jarnoth, and trapeze artist Moritz Haase, the young company Raum 305 has set itself the goal of developing a cross-disciplinary, innovative stage language. The amalgamation of aerial acrobatics, puppetry, physical theater and dance provides the basis for their creations, which touch with a high degree of authenticity and virtuosity.

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