The pulse of contemporary circus beats in the heart of Berlin at the CHAMÄLEON

The CHAMÄLEON is considered to be one of the world’s most exciting and discerning stages and is globally unique in terms of its orientation and programme structure. We are passionate about being a host and maintain a warm and approachable demeanour. In terms of atmosphere, our establishment is all about the tradition of variety from the 1920s. However, we see ourselves as a stage that intentionally maintains and further develops the artistic free spirit of its founding years. Small tables and a convivial atmosphere enable people to come and relax here, while artists from around the world make good on their promise to provide a real stage adventure throughout the evening. The pacesetters and most successful creative talents in the international circus scene bring a new and exciting art form to life with us. Our doors are always open to anyone looking for new and extraordinary things.
Those who enter the historic ballroom in the Hackesche Höfe leave the everyday world behind for a few hours. Acrobatics, music, dance, comedy and drama form a harmonious unit in one of the city’s most beautiful theatres – although without missing out any of the corners and edges. Internationally renowned performers and a high level of virtuosity and individuality create a sensual, non-verbal pleasure that will leave you speechless.

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