Circus Sonnenstich

Michael Pigl-Andrees/Anna-Katharina Andrees, Founders of the ZBK/Circus Sonnenstich say,  “For us the Chamäleon is a modern, pulsating and experimental theater with a powerful and soulful vision of Cirque Nouveau in Germany. On a partnership basis, the Chamäleon Theater is open to innovative formats and is keen on crossing boundaries in terms of inclusion as a higher societal ideology. Inspired and created with a warm sense of humanity in all business levels. A fantastic partner!”

The Circus Sonnenstich and the CHAMÄLEON Theater met during a gala at the CHAMÄLEON. It has become a close connection and further projects are in the midst of planning.

The center of living art e.V. has been the new heart of Circus Sonnenstich since September 2011. Between 1997 and 2011, Circus Sonnenstich was a part of the Rambazamba e.V., which was led by Gisela Höhne, the manager of the theater and house of arts for people with disabilities. Their main office is located in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

The launching of an individual institution was a necessary and logical next step for a future-oriented, powerful progression of the project work of the Circus Sonnenstich. A basic foundation for the development of the center was initiated on the basis of the art of movement in circus and dance in conjunction with other art forms, new impulses for the nature of work, artistic production, further education series, and research for and with people with a mental disability.

The Circus Sonnenstich has gained an important position and role in the pedagogy of circus in Germany. They have developed an individual style, which is closely knit with the Cirque Nouveau ideologies. Their productions are performed, with great success, in both national and international theaters. 

Joint activities

Joint activities between the Circus Sonnenstich and Chamäleon Theater include:

  • the hosting of galas with a fundraising purpose,
  • visits of artists to the CHAMÄLEON,
  • participation of the artists in special shows in the Chamäleon Theater, and
  • joint public service workshops and a joint rehearsal studio concept.
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