Zirkus ON

Chamäleon Berlin is part of Zirkus ON, a broadly based creativity alliance that brings artists from the contemporary circus world together and supports them in the development of their own works comprehensively and on a long term basis.

„Kaleiding“ by Lily & Jannick (Zirkus ON 2022/23)

About Zirkus ON

Zirkus ON is an initiative program put together bythe Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus (short: BUZZ) in 2018 in order to support contemporary circus productions in Germany. At the end of 2021, Zirkus ON founded its own association with the support of BUZZ to meet the constant organizational and content-related expansion of the program.

Every year, Zirkus ON accompanies three circus creations from Germany, selected by a jury. Over a period of two years the selected productions and the artists behind them receive professional support through mentoring offers and the expertise of the alliance partners and are granted long-term support in the development of their works as well as being decisively and activity promoted through regular and close exchange.

The artists have the opportunity, within a protected space placed at their disposal, to learn new things from and with one another, to allow ideas to flourish and to completely merge into their creations.

The cross-regional alliance work of Zirkus ON is promoted via the programme Verbindungen fördern of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V., run by the Federal Government’s Commissioner for culture and the media.

Chamäleon as an Alliance Partner

By way of the transfer of knowledge, mentoring, residences, presentations, production support and an early tying-in to professional structures, Zirkus ON unites, aspiring circus artists, promoters, training and performance venues across the country. The Chamäleon is an alliance partner of Zirkus ON and hosts  Zirkus ON residences regularly.

Currently, the 5th Edition of Zirkus ON is taking place. Until the end of 2024, the creativity alliance is accompanying “DELUSIONAL I killed a man” by Diana Salles, “Nora” by 7 women company and “Drift” by Less Kuerdas. These projects were selected by a five-person jury of experts on March 23rd 2023.