by and with Gabriela Muñoz


Together with the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and TOHU Montréal, we are supporting „Julieta“ as co-producer. Julieta is touring internationally, please find further information here.

About the show:

Gabriela Muñoz creates whimsical, intricate storyworlds that go straight to the heart. In her latest work, Julieta, the clown tells the story of a woman – full of experiences and quirkiness – and the multiple layers that old age brings. Inspired by Gabriela’s work at a nursing home and the strong relationship with her grandmother, Gabriela creates an endearing alter ego that finds herself at the final steps of life. Bursting with wit and a zest for life, Julieta shares her days with us and invites us into her home that has become her whole world. As her surroundings morph into a mirror house of memories, the central character finds new ways to adapt.

Julieta creates an immersive, idiosyncratic cosmos of rich imagery, imagination and attention to detail. This one-woman show is as rich and varied as life itself.

Genre: Contemporary Circus, Physical Theatre
Age Recommendation: 12+
Duration: 60 Minuten
Language: None

Creative Team:

Author, Performer and Director: Gabriela Muñoz
Costume Design: Rebekka Dornhege Reyes
Set Design: Rebekka Dornhege Reyes and Gemma Raurell Colomer
Light Design: Aurora Rodriguez
Music: Natalia Lafourcade
Sound design: Joaquín López
Sound engineers: Alan Ortiz and Elier Contreras
Set Construction: Jaume Grau and Gemma Raurell Colomer
Costume Manufacturing: Atelier Artisan ACBY by Samuel Acebey
Outside Eye: Sampo Kurppa
Stagehand: Karla Franco/Gemma Raurell Colomer
Production: Heleen De Boever
Hero Image: Brenda Islas
Booking Requests: Carolina Ortega, Aurora Nova

Co-Produced by: Chamäleon Berlin, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and TOHU Montréal
Supported by FONCA and the MICC Working Group on Commissioning Circus (TOHU, Montréal).


Tour Dates:

All tour dates on chulatheclown.com

Booking Contact:

For booking and material requests please contact: Carolina Ortega, Aurora Nova, carolina@auroranova.org


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