Introductions and Talks

We complement each season with special accompanying formats on selected dates. We regularly organize introductions to the performance, where you can learn more about the production, the director and the artists involved. Furthermore, we offer moderated audience talks after selected performances, where you can further discuss the topics of the show and gain insights into the world of the artists on stage.

Translation into German Sign Language

At regular intervals, our performances take place with a live translation into German Sign Language. All moments of the production that use spoken language are translated. If the music of the show uses higher textual parts, these moments are accompanied with a musical performance in German Sign Language by a deaf performer.

Next dates:
Upcoming dates will be announced soon

For deaf people and people with hearing impairments we have reserve special seats with a good view of the stage and the DGS interpreters. These seats are marked in turquoise in the online hall plan on the event dates. These seats can be booked online or by email to or directly at our theatre box office. Proof of this must be shown at the latest at the entrance.

As always, there is also the possibility to request a Soli ticket for 10,00 €.



Zeit für Zirkus
(Time for Circus)

Over one weekend in November, the La Nuit du Cirque festival celebrates contemporary circus and presents over 220 performances in approximately 50 countries. In Germany, the festival takes place under the name Zeit für Zirkus (time for circus) and presents a diverse programme of performances, workshops and accompanying formats at various venues.

Zeit für Zirkus aims to give contemporary circus a nationwide platform and invite audiences to experience, celebrate and rediscover circus in its visual language. We are excited to be a part of it!

Zeit für Zirkus 2023
In 2023, the performances of The Mirror were taking place as part of Zeit für Zirkus. At the end of the festival weekend, the works in progress of this year’s resident artist Tobias Piero Dohm were also presented, followed by an audience discussion moderated by Flugwerk e.V.

Thank you for the great weekend, we look forward to 2024!