by still hungry

In 2019, we produced the piece Raven alongside the Berlin-based artist collective still hungry. still hungry are one of the few all-female collectives in Germany whose works reflect this fact. Raven tours internationally, all current dates can be found here.

About the show:

‘Rabenmutter!’, the sharp whisper German mother’s dread hearing behind their backs, encapsulates the ongoing pressure to live only for your children. In Raven, still hungry pushes back against the idea that in order to be ‘good’ or ‘responsible’, parents must sacrifice their own identity, expression and ambitions.

A punk pop ode of resistance against creaking patriarchal structures and outdated societal norms Raven is created and performed by a trio of Berlin acrobats and mothers, Anke, Lena and Romy. It’s a statement of intent to keep striving, a furious refusal to not be faded out by a youth obsessed industry and a love letter to both parents and their kids.

Funny, moving and full to the brim with adrenaline fueled acrobatics Raven was created with the ground breaking UK performance maker, Bryony Kimmings, who brings all of her usual wit, invention and heart to material that we all, as a parent or as a child, can relate to.

Awards and Accolades:

WINNER of The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2019
Shortlisted for the Total Theatre Award for Circus 2019
WINNER of the ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Editors’ Award 2019
Nominee for the International Circus Awards 2021 in the categories „Outstanding Emerging Company“ & „Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy“

In the press:

The Scotsman

Beautiful and spectacular… Among many other glorious qualities, Raven is particularly striking for the pitch-perfect ease with which it combines language and movement

Broadway Baby

An excellent hour of circus, physical theatre, and dance digging into what the performers gave up, and what they refuse to let go of

ThreWeeks Edinburgh

When it all comes together it’s incredibly powerful, and I was wholly unprepared for the effect it would have on me

EdFest Mag

Contemporary feminist circus… strong and rousing

The Circus Diaries

Heroes. Rock ‘n’ Roll goddesses

Voice Mag

Raven is impressive, feminist and creative and undoubtedly not one to miss out on

Creative Team:

Co-Authors and Performers:
Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries, Romy Seibt
Co-Directed by: Rachel Hameleers
Creative Support: Bryony Kimmings
Producer: Anke Politz
Light Design: Dennis Nähr
Costume Design: Odile Hautemulle
Set Design: Daniele Drobny
Technical Director Touring: Reinhard Bichsel



Genre: Contemporary Circus
Age recommendation: 6+
Duration: 55 min
Stage size: min. 10 x 7m, 6m height
Venue capacity: up to 500
Touring party: 4
Available language versions: German, English or French. Surtitles possible.
Audience discussion, sign language on request.


The creation of Raven was supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

About the Company:

still hungry is a contemporary circus collective from Berlin. The three artists and mothers Romy, Anke, and Lena reunited after long years of friendship to create a piece of innovative circus. Powerful images and a good sense of humour make their work truly touching and highly amusing. Their work is fresh, feminist, strong, and unafraid to tackle even intensely personal subjects that don’t lend themselves easily to circus, a genre that is still primarily associated with entertainment.

For their creation Raven, still hungry collaborated with Bryony Kimmings as creative advisor, a director and performance artist famous for her emotionally intelligent, provocative and refreshing style.

Three mothers are sitting on a sofa with their babies in their arms and they are exaggeratedly smiling.
An artist stands on both hands and one foot on the floor while the second leg is held over the body and the foot touches the head.
An artist in a yellow dress holds a long ribbon with two balls at the ends in the air and swings the rope in a circle.
An artist swings in a party outfit in a strap loop through the air and looks grim.
Three artists are each lying on their left side on top of each other on a sofa and seem to be sleeping.

Tour Dates:

30.04. & 01.05.2024 – TOLLHAUS Karlsruhe

04.05. & 05.05.2024 – Circusstad Festival

Past Performances:
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Winterfest Salzburg, Berlin Circus Festival, London International Mime Festival, New Circus Weekend Vilnius, Krapoldi im Park, Chamäleon Berlin, LOFFT-Theater Leipzig, HELLERAU, Kulturhuset Stockholm, St. John’s International Circus Festival (Canada), International Theatre Festival of Badajoz (Spain), Canada-tour

Booking Contact:

For booking and material requests please contact:
Aurora Nova International Theatre Booking
Claudius Bensch: claudius@auroranova.org


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