We want to ensure, that a visit to our theatre is as accessible as possible. We do know however, that not every detail is ideal yet. This is why the Chamäleon is in a constant process to minimize all barriers. This is the goal of a working group, which spans all departments and is in close contact with experts and the affected communities.

We are happy to receive suggestions and feedback to Andreas Cyriax, Venue Manager / 030 4000 5925.

Are you wondering how to imagine an evening at the Chamäleon? Listen to our sound journey for a first impression.



S-Bahn Hackescher Markt:
Lift & Escalator
300m distance
Cobble stone pavement & 2 pedestrian lights

U-Bahn Weinmeisterstraße:
Stairs only
300m distance
Cobble stone pavement & 1 pedestrian light

MetroTram Hackescher Markt:
50m distance
Cobble stone pavement & 1 pedestrian lights

Current information regarding accessibility to lifts in Berlin local traffic available here.

Unfortunately, there is only a short-term stopping option in front of the theatre. One carpark suitable for people in wheelchairs is available in the first courtyard of the Hackesche Höfe. The theatre box office has a key for the courtyard gate. This key does not have to be reserved in advance. However, unfortunately, availability cannot be guaranteed. An overview of other suitable parking options is available here.

The next parking garages are:
Parking garage Dom Aquarée (500 m)
Parking garage Alexa APCOA (1200 m)


Unfortunately, our theatre is not entirely barrier-free due to reasons of heritage protection. The main entrance is located in the first courtyard of the Hackesche Höfe on the left under the signage “Kino & Theater”. From there, you can reach the theatre hall on the first floor via a wide staircase. The staircase is equipped with handrails. Two landings are available on the route to the first floor.

All visitors are received by a member of our team at the ticket control at the entrance of our theatre hall. You will be accompanied to your seats. During this process, you will receive important information regarding your theatre visit.

Please contact our theatre box office for barrier-free access options. The box office is located approx. 5 m from the street and can be accessed via cobble stone pavement at the entrance to the Hackesche Höfe. Unfortunately, there is a step in front of the box office with a distance of about 1 m to the window. However, communication is possible across this distance and our personnel are happy to come to you. When visiting our theater you will be met by one of our staff members directly at the box office and escorted about 50m across our office area into the theatre. Access is thus possible via a lift (door 90 cm, dimensions 140 x 140 cm) and a small ramp (incline 19.9%). The narrowest door on the route is 90 cm wide. You can also leave the theatre in the same manner after the performance. A wheelchair-accessible restroom is also located in our office premises. If required, please contact a member of our team at any time during your visit.

Unfortunately, the seats on our balcony cannot be accessed without boundaries and are located on the second floor.

Wheelchairs and walking aids

Due to flexible seating on the parquet, guests with limited mobility can be seated at any table in the theatre. The theatre is entirely at ground level, thus allowing you to reach your reserved seat in a wheelchair or with a walking aid. If you would like to remain in your wheelchair during the event, we can remove the chair at the table accordingly. We are happy to store wheelchairs, walking frames and similar walking aids not required during the performance safely in our cloak room. In this case, please contact our service personnel on the night. We would be pleased to assist you in your seating selection on +49 30 / 4000 590 or to secure the best seat for you.


Our theatre has three different seating options.

Bistro chairs are available for our guests in the parquet area; at the sides, you take a seat on raised bar stools, which have arm and back rests, as well as a place to put your feet. You are seated at bistro tables at all seats in the parquet where you and can take advantage of our full gastronomic offer.

Classic cinema seating ensures high seating comfort on our balcony. Small side tables provide space for your drinks during the evening. Food service at your seat is not possible here. An overview of the offers of our equally barrier-free partner restaurants is available here. The balcony sector is not barrier-free.

If you require certain conditions concerning your seat, we recommend that you contact our ticket service. This way, we are able to advise you accordingly and find the best seat for you. You can contact us on +49 30 / 4000 590 or per email at

The bar stools are ideal for smaller people or children, as they usually guarantee a better view. In addition, our service personnel will be happy to provide you with a seat cushion to increase the seat height or seating comfort.

Light and sound

Our theatre is equipped with a modern sound system, which is why there may be increased volumes during some performances. If you react sensitively to loud noises, our team can provide you with free-of-charge ear protection upon entry. Alternatively, you are welcome to request it from our service personnel.

All of our tables in the theatre hall have an electronic candle, providing you with a small source of light also during the performances.

During some performances, stroboscopic lighting effects may be used, which may pose an increased health hazard to persons at risk of epilepsy. You can find a corresponding note in the respective information on our website.


Many of our performances are extremely visual, easy to understand also without prior knowledge and do not use spoken language. Other performances may contain parts which are rendered in German or English by way of speech. Normally, however, even the contents of these performances are comprehensible without a corresponding knowledge of the language. Please consult the respective description of the performance for further information. In addition, we offer performances with live translation into German Sign Language at regular intervals. A musical performance by deaf performers takes place at these performances, provided that higher textual parts of the background music are present. You can find the respective dates in our program. The wooden floor of our theatre transmits basses, so they are usually well felt.


Persons with verification of their impairment receive a reduction on the normal price. Persons with “B” reference in their pass also receive a free ticket for an accompanying person. Please contact our box office for the respective booking on +49 30 / 4000 590 or The contact details can be found at the bottom of our website.


If you do not have the option for online payment or the digital receipt of your tickets, you are welcome to contact our box office on +49 30 / 4000 590. We will surely find an individual solution for you.

Retreat options

If necessary you have the option to withdraw to the quiet foyer at any time during the performance. Return to the theatre is also possible at any time, except during brief quiet moments in the performance. You also find a contact person in the foyer at any time.

Trigger warnings

The description of the respective performance also contains information on potential visual and auditory triggers, such as volume level or stroboscopic light. On the rare occasions that a performance also includes content triggers, the detailed information is also in the description.


Our website is legible for most screen readers; however, it does not yet comply with all standards in terms of accessibility. We continue to work on breaking down this barrier as well.