Production Partner

As a production venue, stage and creative partner, we promote the development of new contemporary circus pieces and collaborate conceptually with numerous artists and companies. The continuous exchange with circus creators from the national and international scene and our commitment to act as a showcase and creation platform for current staging trends of New Circus are the driving force behind our daily work. Our goal is to represent every phase of the life cycle of an artistic idea: from free practice and research in a protected rehearsal space, to exploration of the actual concept through residencies, to the secured creation and production phase, to performance and touring. All of this is done not for the sake of economic exploitation, but for the sake of sincere dedication to an art form. After all, this integration of all essential elements and competencies is necessary in order for independent circus artists to receive the support and structure they need to work professionally as artists.

Since our founding in 2004, we have placed great value on the high artistic quality and sustainable production of each season. In close cooperation with the companies, we support the planning, realization and creative development of the planned pieces. In a collaborative exchange, existing pieces are reinterpreted in terms of content and technique and adapted to the conditions and needs of our stage. However, the main focus of our work as a stage and production partner lies in the development of new circus works, which are usually conceived as co-productions and premiered in Berlin.

This holistic production approach combined with the guarantee of several months of performances – an absolute exception worldwide – has made Chamäleon one of the most important production partners in contemporary circus. The whole concept, the inner approach and attitude are based on the fundamental idea of promoting art and culture and a love for contemporary circus.