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Behind the Scenes

Making of Julieta: The Set

An insight into the creation process of “Julieta”!

Since February we have had the priviledge to accompany and support the Mexican artist Gabriela Muñoz in the creation of her fourth piece in our rehearsal space. This work will once again see the clown bring to life a character that beautifully guides us to personal issues, hopes, but also fears and one’s own quirks. “Julieta” is a story about aging and was inspired by Gabriela’s work in a nursing home and the strong relationship with her grandmother, according to Gabriela a “free, funny, creative, vain and flirtatious soul, a generous woman who taught me a lot about life.“

Even though Gabriela is alone on stage during the performance, there is still one other central character by her side: the beautiful set, Julieta’s home, which has been designed with much attention to detail. “I realized that with age, rooms get smaller and life itself is kind of in its final steps,“ Gabriela says. “With the people in my family, I could see how spaces shrank. In general, not just their home, but the world. From being exteriour and the outside it became interior. Their home became a room and then a bed. For me, that was a very strong symbol that I wanted to bring to life. So I asked the designers how we could make it work, the idea of a constantly moving set.”

Our Making Of Video gives a first small impression of how Julieta’s home is brought to life.

„Julieta“ received preliminary support from FONCA and the MICC Working Group on Circus Commissioning (TOHU, Montréal), an international consortium dedicated to advancing new circus globally.

„Julieta“ will be premiered at the Ruhrfestspielen Recklinghausen on May 26, 2022. Further information and tickets can be found here.