All shows in our venue have been cancelled until further notice.
For one night only, we present the show WILT & shine via live-stream on May 29th.
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In this exquisite cabaret of the senses, seven performers of unbelievable ability bend the very fabric of reality.

Season: August 2015 – February 2016

Sexy, funny and explosive, Circa returns with a a new twist in their breathless cocktail of new circus, cabaret and vaudeville, WUNDERKAMMER. Control and abandon, skill and humour, lyricism and anarchy all meld into a sinuous fugue of profound beauty.


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In this exquisite cabaret of the senses, seven performers of unbelievable ability bend the very fabric of reality.

Sexy, funny and explosive, Circa returns with a a new twist in their breathless cocktail of new circus, cabaret and vaudeville, WUNDERKAMMER. Control and abandon, skill and humour, lyricism and anarchy all meld into a sinuous fugue of profound beauty.

Created by Yaron Lifschitz with the Circa Ensemble

Director: Yaron Lifschitz
Producer: Danielle Kellie
Technical Director/Lighting Designer: Jason Organ
Costume Design: Libby McDonnell



Casey Douglas, Wunderkammer

Casey Douglas Handstands, Acrobatics

was born in Perth, Western Australia. Right from the start, he was a hyperactive child playing all the sports possible, leading him to ten years as a competitive gymnast. After completing his degree at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) he received a grant for a training project in France where he completed further studies with seven handstand professors from around the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC). On returning to Melbourne, Casey ran Hardy Street Productions, a Circus Training and Arts Centre before becoming a founding member of ThisSideUp Acrobatics. For ThisSideUp, Casey performed in France, London, Edinburgh Fringe, Watch This Space and Galway International Art Festivals. ThisSideUp was also commissioned by the Sydney Festival to create Smoke and Mirror, which won “Best New Australian Work”, “Best Cabaret Performer” and “Best New Score” in the prestigious Helpmann Awards. Casey joined the Circa ensemble in 2012 and is looking forward to the new challenges Circa will bring his way, both for his mind and his body.

Marianna Joslin, Wunderkammer

Marianna Joslin Acrobatic

Marianna was born with a big personality and a broken heart. Twice at six and thirteen years of age, open-heart surgery unleashed the energy to match her vivacious nature. Vulcana Women’s circus ignited her love of circus as a young adult. Marianna has since trained and performed with, and alongside, elite circus artists in Australia and abroad. Marianna launched her career as a founding member of the Ice Cream Factory collective, an innovative Australian circus hub. Soon followed Twisted Hitch, a renowned acrobatic duo. After which she was the principal artist for Robotronicia, a circus-robotics collaboration. All paving the way to her recent avant garde one woman show, All Class.  As a performer she believes art is the mirror that makes us human. Famed as a pocket-sized hurricane on stage, Marianna specialises in aerial silks, trapeze, clown and as an acrobatic flyer. Marianna is thrilled to be joining the Wunderkammer production, and sharing the stage with artists she adores. She is in love with the culture of Berlin and will take great pleasure in performing at the CHAMÄLEON.

Conor Neall, Wunderkammer

Conor Neall Pole, Dance

was born in London, UK, in 1989. Having been always a physical child, Conor grew up doing parkour, gymnastics, martial arts and theatre, and generally jumping around and climbing on things he probably shouldn’t have. At age 17 he discovered diabolo and after a year of obsessive practice he was able to combine his physical skills with a love of performance by attending The Circus Space in London (now the National Centre for Circus Arts). In 2011 Conor graduated from the Circus Space, specialising in Chinese pole. During his studies he also developed skills in floor acrobatics, contemporary dance, trampoline/tramp wall and teeterboard. Since graduation Conor has worked in physical theatre, opera, events and contemporary dance as well as circus, performing for companies including the English National Opera, Nike and United Visual Artists. He performed as part of the London Olympic Torch Relay in 2012 and has toured throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa with Cirque Éloize in their show iD. Off stage Conor enjoys exploring, coffee drinking and solving Rubik’s cubes. Conor first saw a Circa show in 2009 and has aspired to work for them ever since. He joined the Circa ensemble in 2015.

Freyja Edney, Wunderkammer

Freyja Edney Hula Hoop, Acrobatics

fell in love with the circus at the age of three and has been training, performing, dreaming and playing ever since. In her final year at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School, Freyja saw By the light of stars that are no longer… discovering something entirely new, and working for Circa then became her goal. After one year freelancing and waiting tables in Melbourne, and one year of short contracts and training projects with Circa, Freyja signed her first full-time ensemble contract on her 20th birthday and has spent the last four years living her childhood dream. Travelling with Circa has meant Freyja has gotten really good at recognising accents, cooking well in vastly different kitchens (or no kitchen at all), hello’s and thank you’s in many languages and enough French to fool people into thinking she can understand them… Freyja looks forward to working on some new shows and adding a few new countries to the ‘been to’ list.

Jarred Dewey, Wunderkammer

Jarred Dewey Contorsion, Trapeze, Acrobatics

grew up as a member of Cirkidz, an Adelaide based youth circus with whom he trained, performed and toured with for over five years. He was a founding member of the circus/physical theatre company The Rambutan Circus Collective, which was awarded “Best Circus/Theatre Show by Emerging Ensemble” in 2007 Adelaide Fringe for its season of Menagerie. In 2010 Jarred graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) where he specialized in contortion handstands and swinging trapeze.

Lisa Eckert, Wunderkammer

Lisa Eckert Cyr Wheel, Acrobatics

was born on Vancouver Island, Canada. Growing up you would say she was a bit of an attention seeker; she performed ABBA concerts in her living room and elaborately choreographed dance and gymnastic routines with her friends. A culmination of those “talents” was reached when she graduated The National Circus School of Montreal in 2010 as a Duo Trampoline Flyer in which she went on to gain 2 ½ years of touring with Cirque Eloize, as well as a keen focus in Cyr Wheel. Since then she has gone on to work with companies such as Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Les Productions Haut-Vol and other various small projects. Lisa has performed in over 15 countries and at 3 international circus festivals and the committee of teddy bears as a child. Lisa loves to geek out with music research, going for a good libation with friends and simply pressing ‘next episode’ on Netflix.

Scott Grove, Wunderkammer

Scott Grove Base, Acrobatics

Scott Grove has been performing professionally as an acrobat since he was 15 years old. He spent 14 years as a performer and co-director of The Leaping Loonies touring Australia, Europe and Asia. He has also performed in the English National Ballet’s Swan Lake and the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony, as well as with Flying Trapeze Australia and the Tom Tom Crew. Scott joined the Circa ensemble in February 2010 and has performed in a variety of Circa’s productions. His highlights thus far are the Circa Festival at Auch, France, the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2010 and 2013 and collaborating with The Debussy Quartet in “Opus”. Off stage he spends most of his time surfing, playing music and eating large quantities of food.

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