Gap of 42 – past

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Two unequal bodies meet acrobatically. 42cm separate them in height, 42kg in weight. A difference that connects and creates possibilities instead of being an obstacle.

Extraordinary acrobatics astonish the audience and subtle humor makes them smile.
The artists show in a sympathetic and inspiring way how relationships shift and how they meet at eye level. Philosophical questions are raised, absurd moments arise and a touch of magic surprises.
Contemporary circus combined with physical theater, dance and puppetry.
Acrobatics with precision and lightness: touching, poetic and original.

More information:
65 minutes
Age Recommendation: 8+
Language: nonverbal

Regie & Performers: Iris Pelz, Christopher Schlunk
Eye from the Outside: Stefan Schönfeld
Music: Schroeder (mit Jan Fitschen, Felix Borel, Bella Nugent)
Light design: Marvin Wöllner
Puppetry coach: Anne-Kathrin Klatt
Dance Coach: Laura Börtlein

Supported by: Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien; Hessische Kulturstiftung; Kulturzentrum Tollhaus Karlsruhe; Bürgerstiftung Tübingen; Kulturamt Stadt Tübingen; Kreativ Transfer

About the Duo

Chris and Iris met at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, the Netherlands. They perform all over the world with well-known companies such as Cirque Éloize from Canada, Cirkus Cirkör from Sweden or La Soirée from Australia and perform with their diverse productions at famous houses such as the Sydney Opera House in London or La Villette in Paris. Chris and Iris are also co-founders of the collective Common Ground, with whom they perform at contemporary circus festivals.

With their other innovative act ‘The Microphone’, the duo has also won numerous awards, including the silver medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris.

Since 2021 they have been showing the piece GAP of 42, which has already been shown over 100 times in 7 countries in its first two years.

In the Press

Bernd Guido Weber in “Schwäbische Zeitung”

Rarely has one seen a dance or aristic couple that so subtly and poetically presents the great themes of being.

Diego Marín A. in „La Rioja”

The work is a praise to differences, it serves to eliminate complexes, it praises people who are different, it makes them unique, different, special.