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Circus Encounters

Circus meets Science

The Chamäleon is not just a stage, but also a creative and networking partner for contemporary circus. One project that is particularly close to our hearts is our regular artist residencies, with which we want to encourage artistic exploration and create space for research, experimentation and the development of ideas.

In October, the Berlin Company Raum 305 worked on a new piece in our theatre as part of a small residency. This time in the context of a special collaboration, because this semester, in cooperation with the Free University of Berlin, we were part of the “Dramaturgy of Contemporary Circus” seminar by Dr. Franziska Trapp. The academic examination of contemporary circus is steadily increasing and holds exciting potential for the artistic practice. How can performances of contemporary circus be analysed? Which methods are helpful in the process? What potential does the analysis of contemporary circus have for dramaturgical practice?

These were the questions at the centre of the seminar. Students of theatre studies dealt with theoretical aspects of circus studies and were able to apply their knowledge practically in the direct exchange with the artists of Raum 305. The venue of the seminar alternated between the FU and our theatre – here, the students were invited to participate as dramatists in the further development of the company’s new play.

The project was an incredibly enriching experience – we have recorded the results of it in a new episode of our #ZirkusBegegnungen (Circus Encounters).

“Zirkusbegegnungen” is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste as part of #TakePart with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.