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Behind the Scenes

A year in_between

It’s been a year since we started the first creation phase of in_between. It was a year in between, in Zoomland, between on and off, lockdown and restart, between keeping your distance and sticking together.

Together with Maksim Komaro, Circo Aereo and six great acrobats – Alyssa Bunce, Simon-James Reynolds, Sini Saari, Anna Shvedkova, Onni Toivonen and Saleh Yazdani – an extraordinary piece was created in extraordinary circumstances that has grown very dear to us . And even if we weren’t able to implement the originally planned season from April to July this year, the following applies: we will make up for it in the future. We will continue to accompany the project as it grows and comes into being, and look forward to the moment when in_between will finally be performed on our stage.

To be continued!