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Behind the Scenes

In the Rehearsal Room of The Mirror

The art of weightlessness: Gravity & Other Myths (GOM for short), one of the world’s top circus companies, returns to the Chameleon. Starting August, the artists from Australia will present two outstanding productions under the theme “a company in residence”, beginning with their latest work The Mirror.

For months, GOM’s ensemble and director Darcy Grant have been busy creating The Mirror in Adelaide, Australia. The show is tailor-made for its world premiere on the Chamäleon stage on August 17. “It’s very exciting to be building this piece specifically for the Hackesche Höfe stage,” says Darcy Grant. “It will be the very first venue for this story, and it will shape it for all the venues that will follow.” It will be a story about ego, about hedonism and body positivity – about the art of loving yourself without destroying yourself or others.

In the rehearsal room, Darcy Grant has been documenting the creation process with his camera. We are happy to share a first selection of impressions with you:

Tickets for The Mirror are already on sale. We are incredibly excited to not only premiere this piece on our stage but support it in its creation as a co-producer.

See you soon in Berlin, GOM!

Photos: Darcy Grant