All shows in our venue have been cancelled until further notice.
For one night only, we present the show WILT & shine via live-stream on May 29th.
For inquiries, please contact us via email.

Theatre programme and shows at the CHAMÄLEON

International companies and innovative concepts

We see ourselves as a shop window for current trends in the contemporary circus scene and, as such, would like to give our guests an impression of the diversity and ingenuity within this genre. Each show is unique and forms the soul of our establishment for the respective run. We love and value every single production and, with every new run, put a great deal of lifeblood into the high-quality and lasting production of another side of contemporary circus. We avoid short performance runs to ensure the high quality of the performance. Instead, we intentionally only bring two main shows to the stage per year, and these are always perfectly and individually coordinated with the stage of the CHAMÄLEON Theatre by working carefully and precisely with renowned partners.

This careful organisation results in customised, international works from up-and-coming and established companies full of charm and creative free spirit that entertain, impress, move, surprise and resonate. As different as the performances may be in terms of mood, tone and colour, they, nevertheless, always follow the concept of contemporary circus as a genre – to consistently blur and push the boundaries in search of new exciting compositions of theatre, acrobatics, dance, music, acting and video art.

Be surprised by our theatre programme: it always offers something new and is guaranteed to bewitch, amaze and impress you!

No guarantee of completeness.