Memories of Fools

Poetic, imaginative, passionate - the Czech circus rebells return!

Season: 23. February – 18. August 2019

With its newest creation MEMORIES OF FOOLS, the award-winning circus company Cirk La Putyka opens its doors to its magical circus world and invites us on a journey to the roots of our memories. Follow engergetic acrobats, expressive dancers and virtuos actors to the adventures of your childhood and marvel at magificient costumes and playful stage designs!


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In their newest production the Czech company Cirk La Putyka intertwines different wonderfully colourful and artistic stories about the mystery of our memories:

What are our oldest remembrances and where do we find them? What lies buried deep in our memory and what do we hope to never forget? Can we tread the paths of our memories anew?

Music, texts, images - our life is stored in countless places and our senses are the key to giving our memories life. "Memories of Fools" is a visually stunning collage of powerful acrobatic performances, fleet-footed choreographies, delightfully quirky characters, and a narrative by director Rostislav Novák that transcends genres. His productions captivate audiences with their unmistakable aesthetics, blending Zeitgeist with nostalgia and characterised by the complete dedication and enthusiasm of the charismatic ensemble. After 90 minutes the show leaves one with the feeling of having seen a good friend with whom one laughed, pondered, and reminisced.

Join us on a journey of circus and discovery through human nature and on the search for the answer to the question: "Are our memories making fools of us?"

About the company

Cirk La Putyka is a contemporary circus company established 2009 by the Artistic Director Rostislav Novák and General Manager Vit Novák, both appointed by the company's board. We are trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, theatre, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert and sports. We are striving to create our own specific theatre poetics and find a persective on the genre as a whole. the theme, the story and the message are as important as the professional approach to both - individual theatre genres and circus disciplines for us". In the second year after its foundation, the compnay won the awarrd for Best Czeck Production of the Year by the Divadelni Noviny Theatre Magazine for their production LA PUTYKA. The collective of Cirk La Putyka has played over 750 shows in 17 countries on four continents including China, Australia, USA, Brasil, Finnland, Franche, England, Croatia and Austria. In Germany, Rostislav Novák's works were last presented at Unidram Festival Potsdam and the Originale Festival in Haus der Berliner Festspiele Berlin.

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"Full of magic, energy and love to detail"
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"A beautiful circus fairytail full of nostalgia and magic! Don't miss!"
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