Season: 10. August 2017 – 18. February 2018

Circus meets theatre, spectacle and dance in this stunning parade of images. Set to a haunting soundtrack that mixes electronic music with pop songs and exquisite live percussion, PARADE is a thrilling performance of world-class acrobatics, image-rich design and live video installations.


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Eight performers embark on a journey of discovery. Together, they discover a room that at first glance seems empty and meaningless, but soon reveals unforeseen treasures. The stage becomes a meeting place that the artists slowly explore. And even though the big, colorful parade happens outside and stays invisible to us, the artists themselves are changed by the occasion.

With power, grace and playfulness the performers tear back the fabric of their well-ordered world and transform it to a place of bursting colors and wonder. Together, they test their own limits and so provide us with a new sense of the possible. Energetic hand to hand choreographies meet aerial acts on the dance trapeze or impressive hand-balancing performances. Their individual stories embody the parades of our lives: the ones, where we ourselves are on show, on parade, where we put on masks, laugh and cry or simply do not want to stand out in a crowd.

Join us in this fantasy house of mirrors, where physical daring and astonishing design create moments of strange beauty and joy.

About the Company

The show was developed by director Brendan Shelper and his company battleROYAL who are known for breath-taking live events such as the Opening Ceremony for Aarhus’ year as European Capital of Culture 2017. The cast of PARADE and the creative team behind the production are both of the highest caliber. Thus, the cast of acrobats includes a seven-time National Champion in sports acrobatics, for example. The performers are outfitted by a designer, who worked on such large-scale film projects like „The Hunger Games“. And the show gains its extraordinary atmosphere through the video installations of a motion designer, whose experience includes celebrated live shows like „Das Wunder von Bern“.

PARADE is the first collaboration between battleROYAL and the CHAMÄLEON Theater and was developed here in Berlin, the capital city for the unconventional and a place of inspiration for contemporary circus in Germany.


Jon Allingham, PARADE

Jon Allingham Acrobatics, Partner Acrobatics, Hoop Diving

Jon Allingham grew up in Albury, Australia, and loved playing all manner of sports. As a teenager, he moved to Wollongong and discovered Circus Monoxide. This sparked his love for Circus, and he was soon training as often as possible. After school, Jon started an Engineering degree, but moved to Melbourne after a couple of years when he was accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts. Specializing in partner acrobatics, hoop diving, and Russian bar, Jon graduated in 2011. Since then, he's worked in a variety of roles including guest entertainment onboard P&O Cruise ships, specialist circus artiste for Opera Australia, an individual and ensemble acrobat as part of the Asia Cup opening ceremony, as well as co-founding Affinity Circus in 2013. Through all this, he found a strong passion for group acrobatics and ensemble work.

Laurie Marchand, PARADE

Laurie Marchand Acrobatics, Partner Acrobatics, Hoop-Diving, Dance Trapeze

Laurie Marchand was born in Ottawa, Canada, and grew up in Gatineau, where she started to train in gymnastics and dance from an early age. As a young gymnast, she always enjoyed to watch circus on television and eventually went to see live circus shows whenever she could. In 2011, Laurie was admitted into the professional training program at the École de cirque de Québec in Canada where she specialized in partner acrobatics, dance trapeze and trampo-wall. She graduated in 2015 and has since worked for Circus Flora, the Circus Canada production Creativiva and Italian TV show Tu Si Que Vales among other projects. PARADE will be her first theatre production.

Àlvaro Medrano Lopez, PARADE

Àlvaro Medrano Lopez Dance, Break Dance

Àlvaro is a professional dancer, choreographer and director from Alicante, Spain. He fell in love with dance the first time he saw a dance video on TV as a child and knew straight away that this was what he wanted to do with his life. He began to compete internationally in 2008 and has been break-dancing ever since. Àlvaro has performed in a variety of shows and events all around the world and has also collaborated with a number of circus artists in the course of his career. He loves that in circus as well as in dance, people have the opportunity to express their emotions and passions through physical movement and that dancing allowed him to travel the world and meet amazing people.

Takumi Motokawa, PARADE

Takumi Motokawa Percussionist

Takumi Motokawa was born in Kyoto, Japan, and grew up both in Japan and in New Zealand. His first encounter with music was with the piano, a hammond organ to be precise. After he moved to New Zealand as a teenager, Takumi got involved with the local brass band scene and started playing tuned and orchestral style percussion. He later went to study percussion at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington and joined New Zealand’s one and only full-time professional percussion ensemble Strike Percussion. Takumi performed and held the Timpani/Percussion associated player position with Orchestra Wellington since 2006, performing concert pieces, in operas and for ballets productions. What Takumi loves about percussion is its flexibility and inclusiveness and that it can be perceived as the representation of the heartbeat - the innate energy that drives the human being to action. Today, Takumi is based in Berlin, where he has worked with Shackleton, among others, and premiered “Powerplant” the show at Atonal 2015.

Emma Serjeant, PARADE

Emma Serjeant Handstands, Contortion, Acrobatics

Emma Serjeant grew up in the British countryside, close to Liverpool, and moved to Brisbane, Australia, when she was 12 years old.  She dabbled in circus from her teenage years, taught circus workshops to street kids and performed partner acrobatics in shopping centres. When she decided she’d like to go and learn properly, she went to Melbourne in order to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts. After graduating in 2006, Emma joined Circa as an ensemble member for three years. In 2011 Emma co-founded Casus Circus, a company that quickly became an international powerhouse with their hit show ‘Knee Deep’. In 2016 Emma founded ESP - EmmaSerjeantPerformance, a production forge for contemporary circus and hybrid performance, which enables her to work independently from project to project and to develop her own style and creation process.

Justin Sherry, PARADE

Justin Sherry Acrobatics, Partner Acrobatics, Hoop Diving

Justin Sherry is a circus artist originally from Pennsylvania, United States. He grew up playing various sports and eventually found acrobatics as a teenager. He later joined a performance team in college and realized this was something that he wanted to pursue fulltime. After college, Justin went off to professional circus schools, first NECCA in Vermont and then the École de Cirque de Québec in Canada, focusing on acrobatics, hoop diving, and partner work. PARADE will be his first theater production.

Beata Surmiak, PARADE

Beata Surmiak Hand to Hand, Handstands

Beata Surmiak grew up in Rzeszow in the South East of Poland, where she started to study sports acrobatics at the age of 12. Beata was a professional sports acrobat for many years, was part of the Polish National Women’s Team and was the National Champion in Sports Acrobatics from 2001 until 2007. In 2009, she was invited to audition for the Franco Dragone Show 'The House of Dancing Water', which introduced her to the circus world. Beata passed the audition and has been working on numerous projects with Franco Dragone ever since. Together with Jamie, she has also worked with Strut and Fred Productions, The Box London and Italian TV Show 'Amici Di Maria De Filippi'.

Jamie Swan, PARADE

Jamie Swan Hand to Hand, Aerial Straps

Jamie Swan grew up in a small town on the East Coast of Scotland, just outside of Edinburgh. He started gymnastics from a young age, but, in his own words, was never all that good at it. Jamie had no idea about circus at all, until he found out about The Circus Space in London by chance. He ended up joining the Circus Space (today known as the National Centre for Circus Arts) and specialized in aerial straps. After graduating in 2008, Jamie has worked with a variety of exciting companies as both a performer and a rigger. He has worked with Franco Dragone, Strut and Fred Productions, and The Box London among many other projects.

Sebastian Trimolt, PARADE

Sebastian Trimolt Percussionist

Sebastian Trimolt grew up in Berlin Friedrichshain and has been crazy about the drums ever since he was a child. On his first birthday, he received a tin drum as a gift, which is hanging in this rehearsal room, bent and dented, to this day. At the age of six, Sebastian started percussion and piano lessons and later studies orchestra and solo percussion in Berlin and Hamburg. In the last 20 years, he has worked in musical productions like „The Hunchback of Notre Dame“, „Cats“, „Beauty and the Beast“, „Mamma Mia“, „Dirty Dancing“ and „Hinterm Horizont“. Since 2004, Sebastian is a member of the „Blue Man Group“. As a child, Sebastian visited every circus that came to town together with his parents and his sister, a tradition that he now continues with his own children. While the collaboration with acrobats is new for him, Sebastian is looking forward to about this new way of artistic communication.

The Company / The Creative Team

Renowned for innovative concepts and cross-genre productions, Berlin creative production company battleROYAL is most comfortable when playing the world’s stage. They transform entire cities into breathtaking live performances, such as the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture in AARHUS 2017 or KA300 for the 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe. Drawing on the company’s wealth of large-scale theatre productions, PARADE takes a more intimate and modest approach but is bound to astound you.

Brendan Shelper, Director

Brendan Shelper is currently the director of battleROYAL GmbH, a creative productions firm based in Berlin specializing in breath-taking live performances and event shows.

Brendan studied theatre and acrobatics and toured various productions for many years during his youth. At the age of 19 he joined ‘Legs on the Wall’ physical theatre company and worked professionally on many new show creations with a strong physical language. His diverse career has seen him work on some of the largest international event productions worldwide with one of his most recent major works being labeled 'Olympic Standard'.

A healthy mix of award winning dance-theatre productions and extraordinary event shows provided him with a rare blend of disciplines and creation techniques. At the young age of 23, Brendan co-directed the Grand Opening of Esplanade ‘Theatres on the Bay’ Singapore in 2002. He assisted the development and choreography of the Opening Ceremony for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and in 2006 he coordinated the feature artists for the record breaking Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.

Brendan directed the FIS SKI World Championship Opening Ceremony in Germany (2011), a monumental cultural project spanning 12 months. He and battleROYAL choreographed 100′s of pro athletes, artists and volunteers within the Europe-wide live broadcast.

In 2014 Brendan was appointed Creative Director for the KA300 celebration in Karlsruhe, a major city cultural project which took place in the summer of 2015. More than 600 participants took over the city for 3 days of activities and productions.
Recently Brendan directed ‘The Next 100 Years’ Festival Night for the BMW 100 year anniversary. The evening featured major headline acts, classic cars from BMW’s production history, and played to 80,000 fans in Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

PARADE is a passion project for him, something which brings together various worlds of theatre, spectacle, dance and acrobatics. This project also allows him to return to the contemporary circus genre with a new outlook and fresh energy.

Creative Team

Florencia Lamarca
Directors Assistant
Florencia Lamarca was born in 1981 in Uruguay. After receiving her final degree, she became a member of the Ensemble Batsheva.
 She then moved to Europe and collaborated with dance makers on numerous projects. Since 2007, Florencia is a guest performer at Sasha Waltz & Guests.
 She qualified as a practitioner for somatic healing, and has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops combining her extensive knowledge of movement, her choreographic research and her somatic healing approach.

Sasha Kovacevic
Costume Design
Sasa Kovacevic is a Serbian-born fashion and stage/costume designer. He graduated in Fashion Design from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin, Germany and also studied Stage and Costume Design at the Academy of Art, Belgrade. In addition to designing for his own Fashion Label- SADAK, Sasa has also designed costumes and set design for several film projects including 'Elixir' and 'The Hunger Games' as well as for a multitude of theatre projects including 'Oh! deep sea – Corpus I' by Kat Válastur or 'Cadenza' by Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase.
Recently, Sasa’s costumes and designs have been featured at MADE Berlin in the work of visual artist Ebony Heat ('Tipographic Ballet') and in the MADE Symposium organized by Marvel Comic Illustrator Marko Durdjevic. He has also been nominated for various European Fashion awards including Designer for Tomorrow, European Design Award, Baltic Fashion Award.

Duncan McDade
Video Design
A British born motion designer with skills in 3D and editing, Duncan has been working in advertising and event motion design for the last ten years. He’s now a freelance designer in Berlin working on live shows such as „Das Wunder von Bern from Stage Entertainment“.

Chris Moylan
Lighting Design
Chris Moylan has been working as a freelance lighting designer and programmer since 1999. Born in Canada, Chris moved to Berlin in 2003 and has been designing lighting for television, industry, theatre and touring on an international level ever since. With over 18 years of experience, his lighting designs create highly innovate and dynamic visual atmospheres that have enchanted audiences from all around the world. His credits include the Light Design, Programming and Operation for the World Tour of Paul van Dyk, the Life Ball Charity Gala in Vienna and for the Opening Ceremony for Aarhus’ year as European Capital of Culture among many others.

Boris Kayser
Light Design
Boris Kayser was born in Berlin and has been working as a light designer and operator for many years. In the course of his career, Boris has worked for a variety of clients and events and has experience in such major theatre productions like Flying Illusions by Flying Steps or Beethoven The Next level.

Deimos Virgillito
Sound Design
Deimos Virgillito was born in Trento, Northern Italy, where he first studied piano and vocal studies at the National Conservatory of Music and later attended the SPIC School of Arts in Milan.
His career on stage began with parts in musicals like „Cats, „Jesus Christ Super Star“, „grease“, „West Side Story“, „Fame“, „Saturday Night Fever“ and „We Will Rock You“. Furthermore he was signed to Sony Music as singer and composer.
Deimos has been working as a music producer and composer for over ten years now and works worldwide in the field of commercial show productions. Collaborating with agencies such as BattleROYAL, Jonathon Entertainment, Sieben8 and Dancingbear, Deimos has wowed clients like Nike, Porsche, Samsung, Hapag Lloyd, Celebrity Cruises, the Bundesliga or the Mall of Qatar, where he is also working as musical director. Now, Deimos is thrilled to be joining the creative team of PARADE.

Maja Ziska
Set Design
Maja Ziska is a Danish scenographer, based in Copenhagen. She has studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands and she obtained a Master degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Design.
Among her recent work is stage and costume design for the German play ´Perplex´ by Marius von Mayenburg, directed by Christoffer Berdal, the exhibition design for the solo exhibition ‘Power.Pop.Porcelain’ by the Danish artist Louise Hindsgavl and the stage and costume design for ‘The Twelfth Night‘ by Shakespeare, directed by Lars Kaalund and Nikolaj Hübbe (2014).
Maja Ziska developed the scenography for the Hotel Pro Forma production of Rachmaninov’s TROIKA at La Monnaie in Bruxelles – Premiere; June 2015.
Maja Ziska is currently teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Design alongside her diverse practice of furniture, exhibition and stage design.

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