ODER DOCH? – past

The season of ODER DOCH? has ended.
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ODER DOCH? is the second piece by the contemporary circus and puppetry company RAUM 305, consisting of puppeteer Jarnoth, aerialist Moritz Haase and director Philipp Boë.

Reflecting on fading memories of their shared past, the two protagonists create and open doors to imaginary spaces which explore the inner turmoil of human existence.

Whether on the trapeze or dancing on the floor, it becomes evident that it is not only the puppets that are being manipulated in this feverish dream. Intriguing parallels emerge between the human bodies of the actors and the seemingly lifeless bodies of the two figures made of cloth and wood. We accompany them all on an intimate ride between levity and the abyss, between slapstick and thriller.

As the successor to the production WIR WOLLEN NIE NIE NIE, ODER DOCH? joins a trilogy of three loosely linked plays exploring interpersonal relationships.

More information:
65 minutes
Age Recommendation: 12+
Language: nonverbal

Supporting Programme

The performance of ODER DOCH? on 28.01.24 will offer a German audio description.

Audio description (AD) is the audible description of visual impressions for a blind/visually impaired audience.

Movements, gestures, facial expressions, stage design, costumes and props are described by speakers in concise and precise words. The aim is to preserve the production as a work of art and to create a holistic impression of what is happening on stage.

The descriptions will be heard live by the AD audience via wireless headphones.

Text and live description: Felix Koch
Editing: Johanna Krins


Performers: JARNOTH, Moritz Haase
Directed by: Philipp Boë
Music: Thimo Pommerening
Choreography: Rudolf Giglberger
Scenography: Jakob Vonau, Daniele Drobny
Light design: Julia Lochmann, Werner Wallner
Costume design: Stefanie Krimmel
Cello: Lih Qun Wong, Anne Müller

A Co-production with the IMAGINALE

Special thanks to: Fonds Darstellende Künste, CircArtive, UFA Fabrik.

About the Company

Founded by director Philipp Boë, puppeteer JARNOTH and trapeze artist Moritz Haase, the young company Raum 305 aims to develop an interdisciplinary, innovative stage language. The fusion of aerial acrobatics, puppetry, physical theater and dance provides the basis for their pieces, which impress with a high degree of authenticity and virtuosity.

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