Follow the artists of Circo Aereo on a journey through visual dream worlds.

Visionary circus company Circo Aereo and the Chamäleon team came together during the pandemic in 2020 to create in_between, a brand new coproduction. An exploration of the drift between waking life and dreaming, in_between brings the unique style of the Finnish circus company to the Chamäleon stage for the first time. We couldn’t be more delighted to celebrate this very special premiere in our theatre.

A collection of other worldly imagery, rich music and acrobatics that seem to go beyond what is humanly possible in_between transports us into a compelling, dreamlike landscape. Different realities are layered over one another creating a gossamer fabric that disintegrates and reforms from moment to moment exploring isolation, fragility, and most of all our yearning for human connection.

Change in our booking regulations:
With the start of the season of in_between, we are back to full seating capacity! This means we are going back to our old booking regulations and are placing more than one party per table once more.

Directed by: Maksim Komaro
Performance & Choreografie: Alyssa Bunce, Vejde Grind, Eetu Ranta, Sini Saari, Anna Shvedkova, Onni Toivonen, Saleh Yazdani

Light Design: Juho Rahijärvi
Set Design: Pavla Kamánova
Sound Design: Atte Kantonen
Costume Design: Kati Autere
Magic Consultation: Kalle Nio
Stagecraft & Rigging: Juho Rahijärvi, Jouni Ihalainen, Hedda Liukkala
Costume construction: Kati Autere & Johanna Syrjä
Set & Props Construction: Janika Holm, Jouni Ihalainen, Pavla Kamánova, Emma Komulainen, Tapio Komulainen, Kati Autere, Juho Rahijärvi, Simon-James Reynolds, Sanna Sucksdorff, Johanna Syrjä
Photos: Kalle Nio
Produced by: Circo Aereo

Co-Produced by: Chamäleon Berlin

Age Recommendation: 6+

Audio Note: Our theater has a modern sound system, which is why the volume can be higher. If you are sensitive to the volume, our team will be happy to provide you with ear protection.

Supported by: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, City of Helsinki, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cirko Centre for New Circus

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About the Company

“When someone asks me about the style of my work, I always answer that it’s somehow in-between contemporary and traditional; in-between entertaining and strange.” – Maksim Komaro

Maksim Komaro is one of the driving forces of circus arts in Finland. In addition to his own artistic input as a circus artist and director, he has worked as a circus trainer around the world. Komaro has been active in the development of the Finnish contemporary circus scene as a founding member and long time president for the Centre for New Circus Cirko and the Finnish Circus Information Centre and as a member of the Artistic Committee of the Contemporary Circus Festival Cirko in Helsinki. In 2004 and 2009 he was awarded with a five-year artist grant from the Finnish Government. In 2018, Maksim Komaro was invited to take part in the interdisciplinary research programme “Die Originale” hosted by the Berliner Festspiele.

Maksim Komaro is one of the founding members and artistic directors of the multiple award-winning Circo Aereo – the first contemporary circus company in Finland and one of the most influential to this day. Circo Aereo is currently operating from Finland and France with multiple productions in its touring schedule. In 2009 Circo Aereo was awarded the prestigious Finland Prize given by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. Since its founding, Circo Aereo has played in over 40 countries all over the world.


    Alyssa Bunce

    Aerial Hoops, Contortion

    Anna Shvedkova

    Hand to Hand, Voguing

    Eetu Ranta


    Onni Toivonen


    Saleh Yazdani

    Hand to Hand, Handstand

    Sini Saari

    Aerial Rope

    Vejde Grind

    Cyr Wheel


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