The Circus Card

The full package of circus! By purchasing the circus card for 3 € you will receive a discount of 3 € for all shows of the Play series with your first booking.


All good things come in threes: despite, or perhaps because of, two cancellations due to the pandemic, we are sticking to our plan to present the diversity, complexity and experimental joy of contemporary circus with the guest performance series Play.

Contemporary circus can neither be clearly defined aesthetically nor in terms of content, and therefore it takes many encounters to get closer to this fluid and constantly renewing art form. In addition to the two long co-production seasons, Play is to become a fixed component of our programming in the future and provide a platform for the international independent scene. Conceptually, we can really let off steam here and hope that Play will become an exciting showcase for local, visionary, unconventional or previously underrepresented artistic positions. These will be communicated and discussed through appropriate accompanying programs, and everything that people love about Chamäleon will be intensively experienced in 6 weeks: outstanding pieces, authentic stage moments, open, accessible encounters, and the latest circus perspectives.

Join us on a foray through the world of contemporary circus and meet newcomers, classics and good old acquaintances from the Chamäleon cosmos!